Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

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Would you rather the '06 Cobra have a S/C V8 or V10?

  1. Supercharged V8

    78 vote(s)
  2. V10

    90 vote(s)
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  1. sigh...i was responding to 2 posts at the same time i just didn't quote the other. But as the saying goes it talks about looks. The point is you can easily make a car faster but there are other things you can't change as much. Sorry if i confused anybody.


  2. Of course you can make a car faster with some mods. But why has Ford given us the short end of the stick for such a long time. The LT4 and LS1 motors were fast out of the box. And what did we get? We got smaller displacement and wussy torque (96-98 SOHC). I am shocked that Ford hasn't figured out a way to make a DOHC V8 fast without using a power adder. 99 and 01 Cobras were ok but still they were getting pounded by a conventional pushrod.

    Its time for Ford to s**t or get off the pot.
  3. I am with you 110% JAY.

    260hp out of a "technologically" advanced SOHC is sad, mainly because they havent made any effort to bump the HP a little bit since 1999.

    If it was 300hp OUT OF THE BOX, then it would be a nice big step FORWARD for Ford.

    They are doing OK with the MACH 1 set as a "GT" with a "bigger" motor, but that just doesnt cut it.

    I say if Ford is really into this "customizing" craze, offer the buyer multiple engine choices, from the Duratech V6(235hp), SOHC 4.6 3V(310), DOHC 5.4 V8(340hp) for a "BASE" vehicle.(not actual HP ratings, just a suggestion)

    Reserve the 5.4ltr DOHC S/C engine for a "specialty" vehicle such as the COBRA or SHELBY...etc.

    But I know, and you know it just wouldnt be in the budget for Ford to do such a thing. I mean we ALREADY have 4 engine choices but in DIFFERENT models, the 3.8V6, 4.6 SOHC, 4.6DOHC N/A and 4.6DOHC S/C.
  4. Actually your most likely going to get your wish on the 5.4L on the 06 cobra. Its already been said that ford is working on a 5.4L DOHC setup for the cobra but its not clear whether they are going to try to supercharge it or not.

    I think 320 hp out of a 4.6L DOHC engine is not bad at all. I mean there just isn't enough displacement to ask for more power without completely maxing out the engines (kinda like nissan did with their 350z v6).

  5. On another note why not look at nissans new v8 for their titan. It has 305 hp and 379 ft/lbs of torque. Yea ithats a good power curve. But its DOHC heads 5.6L and they only got 305 hp out of it. Compare that to fords new engine a little less torque and the same hp from .2 less displacement & with only 3 valves / cylinder making it cheaper to make etc.

    Can't say ford engines are worthless...the 5.4L has always meant to be in the mustang thats the problem...just need more displacement to increase our engines potential & then let the aftermarket do the rest.


  6. Well since we are comparing apples to oranges lets look at the Nissan V6 vs the Ford V6

    Ford = 3.8L V6, 190 HP and pretty much a turd as far as speed goes
    Nissan = 3.5L V6 287 HP and pretty darn quick

    I would take a 350Z over a GT Mustang 4.6L 260hp any day.
  7. HP numbers are great and all, but TQ is what gets the job done. the 4.6 still has more TQ than the 3.5. I have driven the 350Z and it was funn, but it really didn't feel as fast when it came time to pass someone.

  8. Torque is needed of course. But just because it doesn't feel as fast does not make it so.

    I don't think anyone will argue the point that an M3 makes 333HP and 267TQ however it is a hell of a lot faster than a GT mustang making 300TQ.

    Getting back to the point of the thread.

    I say V10 regardless of the sound of it. Who cares how the car sounds. It can be tuned with some exhaust modification anyway. People in Mustangs who are having their as$es handed to them by Vipers aren't sitting there going. "Thats all well and good that I got killed but my car sounds better"
  9. You should also look at the price differential between the z and the ford V6 stang. I've got an ad for the 04 V6 stang at $12.6k
    The last I looked at the base 350z it was $25k. For the price difference it had better have more hp. Then you have to look at when each engine was designed. My friends 89 merc. cougar has the 3.8 in it. Same thing with the M3. For the price I'd expect to get more hp.
    Same thing with the viper. Except that when I got beat by a viper. I say yeah I got beat. But my car does sound better. Gets better fuel economy and didn't cost even 1/2 the price.

  10. Ah the notorious price excuse. The problem with you guys is that you want world beater performance for $25,000. Its not going to happen. If you want to go faster you have to spend money. Plain and simple. I was simply doing a performance comparison, prices aside.
  11. But you were NOT using a performance comparison. You were using a HP comparison. HP is not always the answer. Look at the Ram SRT-10. more than 100 HP more than the Lightning and barely accelerates faster than it. Can't out handle it, but WILL go a couple MPH faster than it. But once you hit 147 MPH in a Truck, who cares about 150MPH? Besides, where is anyone really going to be able to reach those speeds in a truck?

    In the end. The current Lightning is around $36,000 the SRT-10 is roughly $46,000. So is 3 more MPH worth $10,000?

    Why is it that everyone calls it an excuses or "playing ____ card" when they hear something they don't like or are disproved? It is very annoying to watch someone try to cop out of a debate with statements like that.

    EDIT part 2:
    Everyone wants world beating performance for $25,000? We already have it. Where is the Camaro now? Where is the Firebird now? Supra? Cuda? Anybody?
    $25,000 is world beating unto itself. When you can go buy a Mach 1 for that price and get high 12's out of the box. Where is the competition for that?
  12. okay if we're only going to compare performance. Let's get totally unreallistic and compare the viper to the enzo ferrari. I mean the enzo only has 6.0 displacement.
    World beating performance. You the one bit**ing about not having enough hp. And you want a V10 in the Cobra regards of the cost of the car to you. I don't mind spending money to go faster. For the difference in price between the viper and an 03 Cobra. I can do enough work on the cobra to outhandle and out speed the viper.
  13. Still need that V8 growl and the wine of the charger.

  14. Very well said. For the price of our cars we are lucky to get the performance for the money we pay
  15. Ford Mustang v6. 20k or less.
    Nissan 350z=30k and upwards.
  16. Believe it or not people want a Mustang but don't understand the performance part of it; or care for that matter. Here in SoCal I see a lot of women in convertable V6's.

    Actually my girlfriends friend has a convert V6 and didn't think there was any difference between my Cobra and her V6. :rlaugh:
    Some people just don't care about HP and want the looks of the stang.

  17. Hey look there it is again :rolleyes:
  18. True but you know Ford can do more with that money. They could make the car faster and not spend money on pretty gauges.
  19. I said that right after we all got to see the new gauges. I would have rather Ford spent the R&D time and money on something more useful. But I guess 125 different colored lights seemed like a better idea. I really have to wonder ho long it will be before the 125 colored gauges are discontinued.
  20. V-10. then we can buy aftermarket supercharger for it.
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