would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by YellowMach69, May 16, 2005.

  1. Has anyone had any past experience with thse carbs?
    Holley Street Avenger Carb

  2. That is the only carb I have ever ran and I have owned 3. Very good carb and easy to tune.
  3. i have the 670 SA. on my 393 stroker motor.runs great.
  4. Can i just bolt on and go with just a idle adjustment? and i have a automatic with a kickdown ,do you guys have that setup too?
  5. Are you putting this on a 351? If you plan to mod that 351 you would be okay with a 670 if you plan to mod I would recommend going with the 770cfm version.
  6. im gonna buy the lokar kit to adapt my older style kickdown to the carb style kickdown linkage. it should work fine. i had a 670 avanger on my 84 gt and it was awesome, im having a little trouble getting my new 670 avenger adjusted right on my 65 though. the thing wont idle right, its running at 1500rpms and wont come down. but they are a great carb, i noticed a slight power increase going from a holley 4160 600cfm 4bbl to the avenger 670. plus, the look awesome with a mr.gasket chrome fuel line and gauge kit :banana:
  7. My 351 wind is modified , its got a hefty isky cam and a electronic fuel pump, alum intake, electronic dist, Hooker Super competiation headers, Oh does anyone know why my car is sluggish when warm? its running under 200f but its definatly got less hp when it warm barely can spin tires with the posi