Roush Would you trade a Saleen for a Built Boosted Mach 1?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Srpera, May 29, 2009.

  1. Would you ever consider trading your pride and joy for another limited production Mustang? Are the Saleen guys like Cobra guys? Do they think their car is the top dog and put down other makes and models?

    I have a 2004 Mach 1 with 13k miles, 20psi of boost, built motor, built trans, converter, built rear, and a tone of performance and aesthetic mods.

    If you were in the mood for trying something new, would you ever consider another limited production Mustang? Just curious how you guys feel about your cars and if you can appreciate other Mustangs.
  2. No, I would not. But not because I think Saleens are the biggest and baddest. I chat with and meet up with dozens of Saleen owners. Every one of them that I know is not a braggart at all. The only thing we laugh at or think we are superior to are the ricers that fly by our meetings revving up their engines....quite amusing.

    When non mustang people see a mach on the streets....they might give it a once over. When non mustang people see a cobra, the might give it a once over. When non mustang people see a Saleen, they usually stare. Thats just speaking from personal experience.

    While your car may be faster, most Saleen owners are about the overall package rather than just going fast.
  3. I like cool Mustangs of all kinds and own three very different cars.

    Personally, I would never buy a car that has had a lot of major mods done to it, for the simple fact that I can't know how well they were done or how the car has been treated. To me, 20 pounds of boost and a built transmission say "I thrash the ***** out of my car on a regular basis". When I'm shopping, I go right past those ads.
  4. I can understand that, to each their own. Many people with stock cars beat the snot of it them. This car has 20k worth of upgrades with a full history (only 12k miles) and receipts for all work. I guess if your a gearhead you can appreciate what has been done to my car.

  5. Trust me, I'm as big a gearhead as you have ever met. I've been in this hobby since 1978 and have owned a Mustang continuously since that time. My LX and my wife's car are both highly me. While your car is very cool, I'd never buy one like it. I'd start with a virgin and have my way with her.
  6. Beautiful Mach 1 dude. Love the Grabber Orange. 20psi to boot.
    What kinda powa numbers you got?
    I love the Mach's and Cobras.
    If I come across the right car, I'd trade.
    Wanna trade for an SSC?LOL

  7. You have a beautiful car.....but I wouldn't consider trading. I like all the Mach 1's and especially the terminator cobras. I looked at both before getting the saleen. I think you'd find most saleen owners aren't stuck up.

    I agree with others that it's more about the total package than just the numbers. The 03-04 cobras are underrated and will beat an 02-04 S/C'd saleen stock vs. stock in a drag race. On a road course, though.......

    As mentioned don't get the thumbs up and attention that a saleen gets when cruising into a parking lot. I've had 2 different cops follow me into parking lots just to ask me all about my car and chat about how awesome saleens look. I even had someone that almost got into an accident with me while taking a picture of my car while they were driving (yikes!).
  8. I guess I would need to find a "go fast" guy that still wanted an almost new rare Mustang. 1. Aesthetics (with some performance) vs 2. Performance (with some good looks). I am the #2 looking to trade for #1. I have done the "go fast" thing too many times. Time for a change.

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  9. I again agree... all the power is great to have and its fun to have... the saleen on the other hand might not be a power monster but it isnt a turd either... slower then what I traded in to get it... main reason I got it... cause saleens here in richmond, VA are very rare... and I maybe have seen 2-3 of them... Machs and cobras I see everywhere...
  10. Mach 1 is sold, now I am looking for an 03-04 Saleen or maybe S197.