Would you trade in a mach1 on a new 5.0?

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To trade or not to trade...

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  1. Do it!

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  2. Keep the mach and add a blower!

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  1. Here lately I have been really thinking about getting the new 11' GT. They have really grown on me (even the rear end). At first I was pretty sure I wanted to trade the mach in on one, but now I find myself asking the question "Is it really a worthy investment when I already have a decently fast mustang that is paid off?". When I really think about it, my responsible side says "no", but my fun side says "yes". I guess the reality check is the fact that I could just supercharge my car and have = or > power than the 11' GT and for less money...I don't know. What do yall think?:shrug:

    I have been on Ford's site and built a new one for around $30,600 but that is with the cloth interior and no frills. The really intriguing part is that my local dealer has one on the lot for $29k. If they gave me around $12-$13k for my car (pristine condition, around 31k miles, garage kept) plus around $3k down at 3.9% financing it would only be like $289/mth for 5 years:nice:
  2. YES it is worth it!
  3. Keep the Mach, add a KB, build the block and call it a day :).
  4. I would do it, except I would sell the Mach outright instead of trading it in. That way you will make more off the deal, & that would mean you would have more of a down payment & less to finance. Even if your car is pristine with low miles, they will never give you $13k on trade in because Mach's have lost A LOT of values in recent years & they won't be able to resell the Mach for much more than that price...
  5. Are you unhappy with your car? is there something that it doesn't do that the new one will? If the answer is no and your looking for change just for the sake of change it would seem to me not to be worth it. Especially being your car is paid off and has such low miles.....

    I should note however that I am a person that gets attached to my cars and typically instead of selling I just add. (the collection is ever growing) :nice:
  6. Keep the Mach as a weekend driver/toy. 30 years from now, the Mach will be worth something; the 5.0 will not. I say wait a year and get a used 5.0 as a daily driver. That's what I want to do when I get out of college.
  7. NO!!! new edge FTW
  8. No. I wont by another car with a solid rear axle ever. I dont care how much power it has.

    Get yourself a Camaro instead. Better looks and better suspension.:eek:
  9. Well, allright then!

    True that...

    You are right, the stealership will never give me what I want for my car...

    I was attached to my 95 gt, but once I got the mach all that went out the window.

    The mach is already a nice weather weekend toy...and that is one of the drawbacks to getting a new mustang because it would probably pull that same duty.


    Ummm no. The camaro is fugly, so that is not even an option.

    I appreciate all the input guys. I think the deciding factor will ultimately be whether or not i want the car payment.
  10. A very tough decision indeed.
  11. Fail...

    Just cause the new stang has a SRA does NOT mean the Camaro has a better suspension.. Cause it does not...
  12. The new 5.0's are amazing cars, they are fast as hell, they are so refined that it makes our new edge cars feel like a POS to drive. However, a paid off car vs 5 years of payments, screw having another 5 years worth of payments :notnice: Not owing money to anybody is an awesome feeling. There is nothing wrong with your car and sounds like its not a DD, so keep it. You can always get a used 5.0 in about a year for probably super cheap.
  13. If you really like your Mach, I would keep it and build it up. I'm still a bigger fan of the SN95 body style, unless we're talking about the GT500.

    Granted the style of the 5.0 does look really nice, and the power is unsurpassed for that platform but I'll probably never buy a new car, and I think the Mach 1's have a meaner more agressive stance to them.

    My opinion points to probably not. However that IS a tough choice. Car payments FTL.
  14. You have to resist the urge for "new" technology, keep your car and in a few years the prices on these 5.0's will have came down. Not hard to make your Mach as fast or faster then the 5.0. By all means get one and not be able to mod the car until your warranty runs out ( plus payments and financing unless you have 30 grand underneath your mattress) or save up your coins and trick-out your Mach. Its not like theres gonna be a shortage of 5.0's in 5 years but there will of the Mach SN-95s.
  15. I dunno about the car, but I do like your avatar... :D

    Sounds like your mind says stay and your heart says go. Tough call, but you have a nice car that's paid off. Listen to your mind, or at least sleep on it a bit longer.

  16. They can be had for 27k ;)

    Well I guess it really depends on what you want to do later down the road. Having warranty and over 400 flywheel horsepower is nice, and basic bolt ons are putting these cars with over 415 whp.
  17. Good point...I wouldn't be able to mod it until the warranty expired:(

    Ya, Im not sure I want the car payments especially since I have had mine paid off for about 2 years now.

    Good point. Plus its not like a bunch of young punks will have owned these cars and ragged them out.

    You mean my girlfreind...:rolleyes:

    Ugh, dont tell me that!
  18. I really think the mach is a cool part of the sn95 family. I would have bought one it I could have found one that wasn't over priced. The new 5.0 is really nice yet I have not driven one due to I can't afford to buy it if I like it too much. Payments aren't cool but the new 5.0 is so... I would not base the decision off of just payments. Go drive one and then decided what you like.
  19. pics or it didnt happen :D
  20. There is a dealer down here selling them for $24995. I doubt I will be getting one, but if they run the same special next year or so I see the wife in one.