Would you trade in a mach1 on a new 5.0?

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To trade or not to trade...

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  1. Do it!

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  2. Keep the mach and add a blower!

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  1. i took a wealthy woman friend of mine for a ride in mine yesterday. the loved the refinement. love the ride, handling, stereo, etc. she may get one. she does not consider fords. she does now.

    ford got the 2011 right. it IS too quiet and a bit souless like you say. my 96 has far more character.

    i then took her on a 95 percent 1st - 4th acceleration. powershifted it. 0-100 in a block and a half. that sold her on the car.

    if you want more soul in the car add an x-pipe, catback, and remove the sound dampener inside the firewall. i assure you mine has soul, fire, power.
  2. I'm glad you like yours....but I think it's much more of a Thunderbird than a Mustang
  3. A thunderbird? Lol really?
  4. yup...big, heavy, refinded, comfortable and fast...a Thunderbird
  5. Now you're going a little far... I don't think the T-Bird put down the same lap times as the E92 M3.
  6. Yup...until the following day when you realize it still sucks at stopping, turning, riding and pretty much everything else that 2011 GT excells in.

    ....Faster, doesn't mean better. ;)
  7. you guys are are being far too literal and are missing the point...I guess I assumed more folks would understand the history of the Mustang and the T-bird...sorry, my bad...

    so maybe I'll rephrase. The character of the newest Mustangs fits the historic character of the Thunderbirds, especially the 60's ones as a premium performance car, better than it fits the Mustangs historic character as a "working man's" performance car...the Mustang has always been a little rough around the edges, (the best ones anyway) and IMO that provides a lot of the cars appeal

    most of the time when both the Mustang and the Thunderbird were good cars, the Mustang was a smaller and less sophisticated (and often slower) car than the Thunderbird...clearly the last couple generations of T-birds don't have the performace of the older Thunderbirds, but even up to the "Aerobirds" of the 80's the T-bird was often a bigger more sophisticated Mustang...
  8. Isn't that the purpose of a sports sedan, more of a sophisticated ride then the sports coupe. Sedan is more a family car, so the focus is on ride appeal w/a sports edge.
    Well even if I could afford the the new 5.0, I wouldn't purchase b/c of too many computer functions to work around to get that sucker to reach the insane HP numbers. Show me a 800 HP 5.0 that will be street legal, there are a few SN-95s that have those numbers and are street legal.
    The more smog equipment these new cars have the less Mods you will be able to get away w/. Now if we are talking strictly drag strip then all that I have stated goes to the toilet. Who hear has a strictly drag car they are still paying for. I know 400 Hps is more then enough for a street car, but whats the fun of getting a sports car; at any horsepower if hands are really tied w/what you can mod.
    Has anybody taken the cats off of the 5.0 and replace them/get them tested by an inspector? I've driven the S-197s, nothing to go screaming about, it drives like a heavy sedan in my opinion. Speaking strictly for streetwise.
  9. Man, you couldn’t have a more backwards way of looking at it. :scratch:

    Don't confuse progress and refinement with over complication. You can't even buy an econo-box right now that isn't sporting some form of advanced engine management system and host of electronically controlled safety equipment. That’s just how the industry has evolved over the years. You stay old school and stripped down forever and you get left behind. The demise of the last generation FBody was proof of that!

    It’s always been the same. Flathead guys would downplay the V block engines, complaining about overcomplicating valve train arrangements and excessive weight. Old school carb'd guys through it was going to be the death of performance the day the modern Electronic Fuel Injection systems flooded the OEM market. Now we see that EFI was the best thing to ever happen to the automotive industry. It happened again when the OHV diehards saw pushrods go away in favor of the more modern Modular Overhead Cam designs. Yet we’ve see power levels, emissions reduction and fuel economy all in one small displacement package that the old school pushrod crowd could only dream of achieving with those early platforms.

    Now...here we are again. The naysayers are thumbing their noses at the latest generation of Mustang because it’s (in their eyes) viewed as overcomplicated and unfriendly? Professing how this new engine has to be "maxxed out" from the factory and hasn't got a hope in Hades of reaching power levels of those of their heavily modified favorites of yore. Last dyno test I saw showed the '11 GT add nearly 50rwhp to its baseline with nothing more than CAI, tune and exhaust. For those of you who don't remember, those are more than double the numbers accomplished with the old OHV 5.0L’s and about the same power increases seen on the Supercharged '03-'04 Cobra....yet are now being accomplished with no pushrods, in N/A form with the new 5.0L TiVCT.

    This talk of 800hp SN95’s…..tell me, how many of them are doing it with stock displacement, or the majority of their factory engine components? Wait, scratch that…..how many of them are doing it with any of their factory engine components? How many retain their stock like drivability? I’d love to see fuel mileage figures, or for that matter, emissions testing on these so called “Street Legal” 800hp monsters. A car doesn’t even need to run to be considered “Street Legal” now a days, so don’t let that moniker fool you. Also, don’t confused dyno figures achieved with tanks full of race gas and no timing pulled out with real world numbers achieved on street tunes, burning the sane 91-Octane made readily available to everyone else. Anything can be made fast if you throw enough money at it, but how many can claim to do it without ruining the essence of the vehicle? It may not 800hp, but the new 5.0L TiVCT powered Mustangs are already topping 600hp+ with nothing more than bolt on blower systems stuffing a paltry (and pump gas friendly) 9psi down their gullets. All while making zero compromises to emissions and actually “improving” drivability. I’d love to see all of that accomplished with any generation Mustang before it. :shrug:

  10. how is my 3480 heavy? its about 100lbs more than yours.
  11. i know a little about 50 state street legal. cats, EGR, legal tune. CARB certification parts.

    your sn95 2 valve or 4 valve has to keep all of that equipment. I know of ONE legal sn that can reach 800hp. a termi. so you must be pulling the termi card. with 50 state legal shorties, blower, tune, etc its not a given.

    a 2011gt can make 624 hp with just a blower you can buy at the dealer. nothing else. no headers, exhaust, anything.

    tuning the copperhead is not easy, but the software is out there. its no harder than anything else.
  12. if i took you for a ride in my heavy sedan you would **** your pants. you have no idea what you are talking about. my car pulls about 1g stock. my 300A will lap faster than the heavier 400a they tested against the M3.

    i own a 505rwhp sn95 turbo right now. its a childs car in car dynamics. my 2011 will strip the glasses off, pull the drink out of your hand of your face in a full ABS stop. the 96 is far faster in a straight line, but the 2011 is a better car to drive. it shifts like butter. at 7200rpms it slides into the next gear. blammo...... an instant shift.
  13. Why the hell are some of you guys bashing the new 5.0??? It is one kick ass car! Finally a GT mustang that actually kicks ass in stock form!
  14. I say keep yours and add a blower. Unless, you really have your heart set on one. Then, wait for the Boss 302 if you can afford it. I like Dark04GT'S idea as well.
  15. 5.0 with an xpipe, cai and tunes are making 400+rwhp. Not going to see that on a 4.6 unless boost is in the picture. I dont see where it is a hard decision if power is what you are after. Like bill has said the 5.0 is a completly different animal then the sn95. Look how much 98cobra has done to his car, time and money wise and is just now knocking on the door of 11s in the quarter. The new 5.0 is there with 2 simple bolt ons!:shrug:

    Not knocking on 98cobra just stating that his car is one of the elite NA cars on here that everyone kinda looks up upon as they should. It is one hell of a car.
  16. Horsepower is not everything, I'm just saying, that 5.0 you have is gonna kill the bank to mod compared to the Sn-95. If the O.p. likes to mod cars it would be in his best interest to keep his Mach. Best in cash and in the interest in not having to make a car payment. Yea and I do know little bit about cars. How much is that blower gonna run from the dealer. Almost the price of the low mileage Sn-95.
    Now I say wait about 5 years when 5.0s will be as common as the SNs then maybe a trade will be in order. Whether you like the 5.0 or the SN is just apples and oranges, but for shear simplicity and mod investments stick w/the Mach, and I will wait till the after-market support grows a bit for the 5.0. Not everybody wants a 5-10 year payment for a car that could be out ran for 20 grand less and plus the warranties will be voided if the dealership didn't do the install. More cash on top of the mods.
    Oh, and there is a NPI Stang here that will hand the 5.0 its butt N/A, in the twisties and in the straight line, w/o the 5-10 year finance plan.
  17. Yea and there are cars making way less horsepower seeing low 12s, so HPs are not everything like the "Bandwagoneers" think. I'm a Blue collar man, I rather create my horsepower then buy it off the lot. To each his own.
  18. Yeah, the new blower is gonna set you back about $7,500, so you're pretty close in your estimates.....but exactly what do you think you'll have to sink into an SN95 (or any previous Mustang for that matter) in order to see the same reliable, pump gas friendly 625hp like you would the new 5.0L?

    Answer....at least double if not triple that. I personally like the idea of a hassle free, single bolt on item making 10-second power levels. No guess work and minimal down time. While previous generation Mustang owners are slowly sucking their wallets dry, busting their knuckles and banging their heads trying to reliably create these type of power levels, I'd be out enjoying my new 600+hp car. :shrug:

    Now...if turning wrenches and adding parts over time to accomplish your goal your thing, nobody will fault you. But just know that in the end...it'll end up costing you more money/time to do so....not less.

    If you're talking about 98COBRA281, then most certainly his car will outrunning a stock '11 GT in a straight line.....but hand it to one in the twisties...doubtful. Especially with the slicks/skinnies, drag suspension and rear sway bar removed the way it was set up when he ran his 12.0 time slips.

    Then ask him what kind of mileage he's getting, how his drivability and ride quality have faired and what his most recent emissions test results were? While we're at it, see what his bumper to bumper warranty coverage is like on top of that. ;)

    It's all about compromises my friend. Some people are willing to make them in the name of excellent performance and some don't have to. :) His car is purpose built, with one goal in mind....to go fast in a straight line and look/sound cool doing it. But don't kid yourself.....even he'll tell you that it that point its hardly suitable as a daily driver.

    I'll also bet he's got quite a penny sunk into that car with all of the changes he's made to it over the years. When you take into consideration the cost of the car on top of it all, I'd bet "money spent" is not far off what you'd pay to drive an '11 GT off the lot. Lucky for him he's mechanically inclined and was able to do a lot of the work himself. I'd hate to think what labour cost would have been were they factored into the total cost. Wanna take bets as to which of the two cars would have cost him more money in the end. :D
  19. And I thought I left the novel reading in my English class....:D Jk, I agree with every word you said.

    As I said in my first post in this thread, the only reasons I would take a Mach 1 over a new 5.0 is resale value, nostalgia, and looks. As far as any kind of performance, comfort, efficiency, etc. the 5.0 takes the cake hands down.
  20. Sure, sure. I'm not bashing 5.0, all I'm saying now wouldn't be a good time to get one. The more common of a car, the price drops. I know, its tempting to jump on a new motor. I mean if he has a means and the patience to go w/another car payment, then sure, get the car. But if he has to give up one and take another, then keep the Mach.
    Why do you think I'm bashing the new 5.0. Personally, I'm glad Ford came up w/that model w/that much Hp to make all of these "luxury" car companies look silly. I'm just sticking to the topic is all.
    Its not hard to build the knowledge to put together an engine, you just need the resources, this hobby is not rocket science. Well it is if you design the engine and so on so forth. But putting together the engine is not hard at all.
    Hey, Sneaky what pound injectors did you use for your Super Charger?