Would you trade in a mach1 on a new 5.0?

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To trade or not to trade...

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  1. Do it!

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  2. Keep the mach and add a blower!

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  1. Interesting! Be a little more open minded about the newer setup. The 3 link setup is pretty good. I had a panhard bar on my 98 cobra vert and it settled it down nicely. My 01 has a panhard bar and torque arm and the car runs with the BMW's all day at the track.

    I agree, the old 4 link setup was a stinker, but the solid axle is very durable, and great in the 1/4 mile. Think of it this way, Porsche 911 is rear engined 6, mustangs have a v8 with solid axle. It's not optimal, but its the soul of the vehicle.
  2. Well if I was gonna get a brand new car for the ride and horsepower and wanted a payment plan, I would go for the gusto and save up for the Shelby Cobra. Now IMHO, that would be worth saving and financing. Not an '11 Gt. I wouldn't want to mod that bad boy, heck I would wipe it down w/a diaper:) I would steal neighbor's baby's diaper just to clean Shelby '11 Cobra.:nice:. I wouldn't just go into debt just for a regular Gt. Keep it low miles. Now thats worth a Mach trade in, long as I got DD to beat up on.
  3. I can't help but question your logic? You're against him going into what most would consider a manageable debt of $30,000 (assuming he didn't trade in his Mach 1....$17k by your estimates if he did) for a Mustang GT. A car he could tinker with, without feeling guilty, drive everyday and get plenty of use out of....because it doesn't make financial sense. Yet you're all for him going into debt almost an additional $20K over and above that cost for a GT 500 that he should put minimal mileage on and keep as what would essentially be a Sunday driver because you deem it a more "worthy investment"? :scratch:
  4. I'd go for it and trade-in for the new 5.0! :nice: They're amazing cars!
    Good Luck!
  5. Wait one year, buy leftover (if there were any) or slightly used '11 GT. Let someone else take the depreciation hit and go home happy.
  6. It all comes down to what it is worth to the individual. If he feels like $20,000+ is worth getting a new car, then he should go for it, but if not then he should stick with his old car. The catch is how to put a price on things like: new car smell, new car technology thrills, having a warranty, or having to pay a monthly car payment.

    I had a 1993 Mustang LX (4 cylinder) that I got new when I was in High School. I drove that car for 9 years and loved it but I wanted more power and obviously the 4 cylinder wasn't doing much. I could have spent the time and money and modded that car until it outperformed any stock GT, for cheaper then a new one, but that wasn't worth it to me. I instead purchased my first ever Mustang GT (2002 premium) which I never have regretted. I had always wanted a GT since I was a kid and I had my chance to get one and I did. I financed it for 6 years. I have paid that car off and it is my DD. I would love to have a new 2011 GT, but now it is not worth it to me to have another car payment for another GT no matter the performance.

    It just all boils down to personal preference.
  7. If i was gonna go in debt, i would wanna go big w/one of the nastiest mustangs ever built as a reward. But not for a, which is gonna be common, GT. Why be in debt for something small. Go big or go home. If he could save, and put whatever he saved on the Shelby, I would be all for that. Plus that Shelby is gonna retain its value way more then that GT. So I think that would be a better investment. Shelby's aren't run of the mill, 5.0s are. He still wouldn't be able to tinker w/either one w/the warranty.
    Now for those whom of which buy the next best thing out there simply b/c its new technology for that company, that is a bad reason to go in debt. But to invest in something which its value will increase (and increase upon the death of Shelby I might add he is 87, to get him to sign the car would be extremely of importance.) that is an investment one needs to prepare for before investing. But to invest in the 5.0, which every so called Ford enthusiasts will want b/c of nostalgia.
    Yea, yea the the 5.0 is much more then horsepower. Just another piece of metal that will lose most of its value over time and chances are, he is not gonna see 30 grand back from that vehicle, and thats if he pays cash.
    But I guarantee, 20 years down the road he can get what he paid for out the Shelby. Not the Coyote 5.0. The engine is still built on an assembly line and is meant to make more money just buy flooding the masses w/them. Not so w/the Shelby.
    Going in debt for an assembly line vehicle is not a smart way to get the money you invested in the vehicle back, especially if he already has a dependable vehicle. Its a guarantee with a Cherry mint Shelby to get back its worth.
    Whether one likes the 4.6 mod or the 5.0 coyote, really is a moot point. I'm speaking from capital gain, shear euphoria and change really is not worth going in debt to me, I have to be gaining something in years to come, instead gaining a run of the mill assembly line production car, which, in 10 years there will be another motor, which is gonna make the 5.0 seem like the 4.6's.
    Oh didn't Sneaky just pull 12.6 out of his (NPI) supercharged mustang. I'm pretty sure his charger didn't cost him anywhere near 4 grand, and what, minus a seat and spare tire?!
  8. You should fire your financial advisor. That's the worst advice I've ever heard.
    No car is an "investment". They're all a loss. As I stated previously, the only way you're going to retain any higher than normal value on a car is if it’s in both immaculate condition and the mileage is very low. The only way to do that is to put it away and not drive it....but what's the sense in buying it then? To have the "nastiest", most expensive garage queen on the block. :shrug:
    As also stated earlier. Basic bolt ons like exhaust, intake, gears, wheels/tires, shifter, etc, etc don't affect your warranty. So tinkering is in. You only risk harming your warranty with power adders, engine work or electronic enhancements.
    You don't "buy" simply because it's new technology for a company (whatever that means), you buy it because you want another sports car and the ’11 GT is great value for the money. As far as the lastest crop of sports cars go, the Mustang GT (and now even the V6) remains your best bang for the buck.

    Also, you're assuming these late model Shelby’s are going to jump in value. If you think you're ever going to get more out of a GT 500 that you paid for it new, you're sorely mistaken. I don't care if the bury Carrol Shelby himself in it when he dies. They aren't limited production vehicles like they used to be (Carrol Shelby would put his name on a toaster if someone paid him enough) and they aren't the first of their line. Cars don't pull in the big money like they did before 1970 anymore. You'de have to have something pretty special in order to see any real increase in value. Besides...is it really worth it for your average a person, on a limited income to buy a car, not drive it/store it for 20-30 years just to turn around and mayyyybe best case scenario make a few thousand dollars profit? What do you think it's costing you in insurance, storage, upkeep over that 30-year period. Do you really think you're going to make any of that back? That's a hobby best reserved for the serious collector out for the love of the hobby. Not for a guy hoping to double his money. You want to see growth over a lont period of time, put your money in an RRSP.....not into a car.
    Nope...never going to see anywhere close to his money back. But he's getting a great daily driver that performance at a world class sports car level that'll provide years of fun.
    Again, you're waaaaayyy off base thinking buying a car is an good investment. And don't take this the wrong way, but your "guarantee" isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. You can't possibly enforce such a statement, so why make it? Do you honestly think people get the kind of money for these vehicles that we're seeing on Barrett Jackson.

    Also, don't think because an engine was hand assembled by a couple of guys that it's going to skyrocket its value. '96-'98 Cobra's can be had for as little as $5,000 in many places right now. A couple of signatures on their valve covers didn't help retain their value any. ;)
    Man, you're really stuck on this "cars are an investment" thing, aren't you? Explain to me how we've gone from the O/P looking to upgrade his daily driver, to buying a car to mothball for 30-years hoping to make his money back on it, again? Once more…going into debt for “any” vehicle with hopes of getting a return on your money isn’t a smart idea. The only return you’re going to get when buying a vehicle is the enjoyment you obtain from driving it. There’s no monetary gain to be had.
    You don't by chance own any swamp land in Florida, do you? ;)
  9. I wonder how much a genuine Carol Shelby toaster would run:rlaugh:.
    No Swap land in FL, I wonder how much fart gas I could harvest from there though.
    Hold on I'm looking at that cleavage, Cami Secret commercial. Bewbage:drool:

    Well, no one likes shell out coins for anything. Hey here is an idea, save your money, invest in the stock market, become business man tycoon and never have to worry about another what if again, unless the what if is about Karma Sutra. I'm out.
  10. trombonedemon, you are an idiot...
  11. Agreed, at times. Uncle Sam trusts me though. Thats all that matters.