Would you trade your V6 for this?

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    Crown Victoria LX Sport
    Basically it's a P71(Police Interceptor) with leather interior, a console shifter, grille that matches body color, and 5 spoke rims.
    The local Ford dealership has one used, black on black, at a decent price. I was just thinking it'd be nice to have the room. And the cars are only a little slower(off the line) than our V6es.

    I'm not going after the one here, as nice as it would be. It's more reasonable for me to keep my V6, let it keep taking the beating at college, and then I can get whatever I want when I get my degree and have a real job. I was just wondering if I'm the only one here that is tired of not having the V8 power to make up for the loss of interior space and ride quality. Plus, I think ricers would stop revving on me if I looked like I was in a copcar.:shrug:
  2. If you are considering that, just get a Marauder, and throw some FR500s with the Mercury center caps.

  3. yeah, if you are thinking of the Crown Vic, id just spend another grand or so and get the Merc
  4. Marauders are a bit more then usen interceptors ;)

    Personally, I'd love one of those crown vic ones. They'd be great for DD duties. Good power, comfort, and space. AND.....most people don't pass you :D
  5. Exactly.

    I highly doubt I could find a Marauder for the price of a Crown Vic Sport. The Marauders have 32V 4.6's and were about $7-8k more brand new.

    My dad has the Mercury Equivalent of a Crown Vic, and that's the Grand Marquis. But the Grand Marquis don't look nearly as agressive as the Crown Vic's(it's the cop thing), and there never was a Sport version of the Mercury(I REALLY like that center console:D ).
  6. I don`t think I would TRADE my V6 for the Crown Vic. but would be a very nice addition to the FLEET they are bad ASS though......whenever I see the lights in my rearview w/the turn signals on the inside of the headlights I Always "SLOW DOWN" thinking it`s "ONE OF THEM"
  7. I'd do it in a heartbeat! I love those things!
  8. I wonder how many of the Mustang 4.6L bolt-ons would fit a 'Vic? Might be an inexpensive way to start building a sleeper and have some more room. It may be heavier, but I'd bet a 'Vic on 11psi would still be plenty fast!

    Hot Rod magazine did a column a few years back about a guy who took a Crown Vic and dropped in a worked Triton V10. If I recall, it didn't cost that much, and the guy had a unique ride that was badass!
  9. wouldnt you give up a lot of handling performance by going to a boat like that?
  10. I like the Crown Vics, but I like the styling of the 94-98 Mustangs so much that I would not give it up for a large car like that. Heck, even if I got a new 2006 Mustang GT, I would still keep my '98, because in some ways I think it looks better than the new one. Especially the back end.
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    Hey Stu, you should buy that! :nice:
  12. I have the V8 toy already. The V6 is the eco car.
  13. I guess that depends...

    I was just considering that it's definately a more comfortable car, for being only marginally slower than a 99+ V6(They just might take a 94-98). I usually go out with friends, so it'd be nice to have the space.

    Maybe I'm just bored with my V6.
  14. I've never been in one, so I don't know how the quality of the ride is going to be. I'm used to the mustang's ride and quality so it doesn't really bother me. The only thing that sucks is sitting in the back, but I don't sit there so it doesn't matter, does it? The mustang's my baby and I even though I am considering upgrading for a GT or Bullitt, she would still stay in the family.
  15. my V6.... yes, in a second. My mach, no, never!
  16. "Disco Stu doesn't advertise."

    Nice Avatar. The photographer must be like the coolest guy you know. LOL
  17. tell me how it is from the front seat...