Would you want to know about your old car? (Oh yeah...it LIVES!!!)

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  1. Well, I finally got the project car running this week. Its been a 3 year project with 90% of the time not working on it due to pure frustration (wiring is a pain). Anyways, I bought this aborted project on ebay and drove up to Chicago and picked it up a few years ago. The guy didnt want to sell it but had to because his family was moving cross country. You could tell he was really disappointed he had to let it go.

    Anyways, would you want to know the updates of your old project?

    I will try and get pics/video up tomorrow. Have to plumb the brake lines and some little things....should be driving in a good week or so.

    Project '66
    4.6 Modular 2v motor
    Heidts MII front suspension
    Wilwood 11" discs w/ polished calipers
    Rear Ford discs
    02 gt emergency brake handle and cables
    Full Autometer gauge setup
    02 gt seats
    AFCO aluminum racing radiator
    Flex 475 fan
    Power rack and pinion

    She runs great...but shes ugly :D
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  2. Yes. I sold a 66 coupe to a co-worker 10 years ago and follow his progress (or lack of) regularly. I have also told him to let me have first right of refusal if he decides to sell.

    The previous owner of my fastback asked me to keep updated with my progress. He also wanted me to visit him when finished.

    I bought a 65 coupe a few years ago and asked the seller if she would like pictures of the car when finished. She said yes.
  3. I would love to see my old '65 fastback, but I highly doubt that the old lady I bought my '68 would want to see it today. She only sold it to me because I told her I planned to restore it to orginal. I kinda fibbed...
  4. Just realized you got a 4.6 mod innit, :nice: