Wow 2yrs and we're done just like that

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  1. Wow what a great goddamn day it is! Me and my g/f of 2yrs get into a stupid fight. She said f*** off so i walked away. We see each other when the bell rings for classes and i walk her to everyclass, well i go to pick her up from gym and she says maybe we're not right for each other and said maybe. She said what do you wanna do, i said i dont know its up to you. She said she was sick of fighting and arguing and being miserable I said so am i. Then she says well maybe we're not meant to be and i said fine whatever then you want to break up and she said yea. I walk away, she walks into the lunch room crying. I dont know what the hell to do guys, this girl is my life, everything i see hear and do reminds me of her. I bought my t-bird off her brother and i got my mustang with her. She said she still loves me and i said the same. It's not like this is kiddie a kiddie high school relationship, this was a big time relationship, Christ i was gonna ask her to be engaged with me 7months from now, we do everything together and go everywhere. i just dont know what to do anymore guys i just feel like giving up, like i cant win at anything. i could really use my fellow stangers support on this
  2. Sorry to here that bro, I was engaged to mine and I had known her for 3 years it hurt really bad for quite some time, thought she was the one, planned on getting married and we were going to get a mustang together for a wedding present.
    But stuff happened and we broke up, tried to work it out, now its been over a year and I am healed up and found a wonderful girl who I am in love with.
    Whatever happens I wish you the best brother.
  3. thanks alot bro i hope we'll get back together soon! I know theres others out there but i want to be with her and no one else :(
  4. when my wife and I where dating we broke up more times than i can remember. thats all water under the bridge now, but hurt like hell when it happened. Take what comes man, you never know what will happen next. My best advise is if you do get back together hold off on the ring. Every time you thing about popping the question, do your self a favor and hit your self in the nuts with a braker bar! :p wait as long as you can, becouse when you say I do it makes everything 10 times more complicated!
    just my two cents.
  5. i hope everything works out :)
  6. Your tired of arguing and being what makes you think getting back together with her now, or even marrying her is going to change that?

    If she is the one for you and its ment to be, it will. At the some point you have to stop looking through the rose tented glasses and see what really is there in your relationship that you cant live without.

    Right now obviously there is enough "other stuff" that your tired of living with...
    Dont let insecurity and loneliness drive you back to something that wasnt working in the first place.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I know what you're going through. Take some time for yourself. Think, logically reasonably about what you want, and then act.
  8. Time heals all. If you guy's can't work things out, at least try to stay friends, as hard as that can be sometimes. If you guys are really that close then maybe time apart can draw you back together. If not, then just let yourself mend. I'm not an advocate of rebound relationships, but they can take the hurt away.
  9. No offense, but it sounds like your in high school? Maybe 18 or so? Being almost 30 now, I have been there. I can say you will be lucky if you ONLY get hurt once in your life. Like other said, time will heal it. I know right now, she is your world and it hurts, but even if things were not terrible, if neither of you is completely happy then it's not meant to be. My wife and I dated almost 4 years before we married. We dated, we broke up, we dated, blah blah blah, but we were never unhappy or tired of each other. We just were not completely sure what we wanted at the time. The important thing to remeber is, life will go on, don't do anything stupid! There will be others, and sometimes you may have to make hard decisions, like breaking up, that's part of life and makes you stronger person. Just stop and think about the big picture, you're alive, I assume you've got you're health, everything will be OK. Do what you need to do to get over it, no drinking, street racing, punching walls, or anything dumb, but find your "happy place". By the way, a rebound girl can be good sometimes, as long as she knows it's a rebound, :nice: Take care,

  10. Well When my gf of 6 years dumpted me(well she cheated on me and alot of stuff) I sold everything I had that i got when we were dating...I started friesh.
  11. I couldnt do that, If I did that Id have to sell my coupe, my pool table my video camera, computer, dogs, tv, well pritty much everything I own... Man I hope my wife doesnt leave me!