wow 398 hp sound right

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by elmo0244, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. i dynoed my 03 yesterday and i hit 398 hp and 393 tq with just a c&l mas kit and diablo sport Predator tune and 2 clicks to left on the fuel base is this good numbers for these mods or not?
  2. Still running the stock exhaust? If so, then YUP! Good numbers! :nice:


    P.S. Now go get you a CB and watch those number go to 420 or more!!!!
  3. yep stock exhaust thinking pullies next just to see how far i can with the stock exhaust :nice:
  4. I think thats cool keeping the stock exhaust. Can you say sleeper?? :D
  5. Definately nice numbers. My car pulled 396.2/415 with a bassani x-pipe w/cats. Everything else was stock from the cat-back to the paper filter. I just got my predator tune and it feels more powerful. I'll dyno again when I get a catback and intake done.
  6. did you do stock dyno compared to the bassani x pipe
  7. No dyno with the stock H-pipe, but there was a shop to compare 3 different cars and they show no HP/TQ improvment by swapping out only the H-pipes for aftermarket. The cat-back system is more of a bottleneck than the midpipe is.
  8. so your saying the stock h-pipe is worth keeping on the car and the aftermarket mid pipes are a waste money on a lightly moded car? its gotta be good for at least 10-15 hp. what about cuting of the 2nd cat on the stock h-pipe?