Wow 4.10, JLT, Bamachips...

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  1. Just got my stang back yesterday and it's a completely different beast.

    I sent the car in to have 4.10's, JLT CAI and a Bama Chips Tuned SCT installed and it's a totally different car. I aleady had a Predator Tuner and was running the canned 91 octane tune and I was satisfied. But now it's a much more more powerful feel.

    I'm only sorry that they didn't have time to put my steeda ud pullies on. I'm sure that they would offer a little more culmative kick in the arse. Anyone thinking about 4.10s (and mine is an auto) or any of the mods I just had one, I could not recommend it more.
  2. I had bought 4.10s a while ago, and have not had them installed yet. Everyone raves about them so I can't wait to get them on.
  3. forget the 4.10s, get 4.30s :D
  4. Glad your happy!!
  5. Jay,

    I am absolutely happy and thanks for your outstanding product! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone considering more hp and an enhanced growl. OUTSTANDING!!!
  6. Where did you order your 4.10's from???
  7. I have the same setup but with the manual trans. Love it!
  8. I got Ford Racing Gears and I got them from Summit.

    I got message from a stangnet member named rock36 I think and for whatever reason Stangnet wouldn't let me send him a pm in return. He asked if I has having traction issues with the 4.10's and if I was running stock tires. Hopefully he's still watching the thread.

    Yes I have traction issues. Then again I had traction issues before. I suspect I wouldn't have traction issues in a Prius, but I likely wouldn't drive one. Traction can absolutely be modulated. I just love 2nd gear chirp with an auto. Actually had the rear step out a notch the other day going into 2nd.

    I have 275's in the rear, the tires are AVON M500's. They were on the car when I bought it, but they turn out to be a pretty good high performance tire.

    ALLOW ME TO ECHO what so many have said, 4.10's are the STUFF! Keep in mind I'm a 45 year old married white guy whose getting more and more comfortable (woosified) and they aren't to intense for me. They are a perfect gear for an auto. I haven't done a long trip on the freeway yet, but they feel great at 75 mph. I'm sure 80 will be equally great. I put gears (300's to 370's) on my 66 fastback and they were one of my favorite mods. If you want inexpensive scoot, gears are great.
  9. sweet eric! thanks for the info.... I think thats goin to be my first performance mod... what the ballpark on install cost?
  10. Hey eric thanks for the info. :nice:
  11. Forget either and get a high stall converter. Something in the 4000 rpm range for our factory cam. A PI (Precision Industries) is a good choice. Will out perform any gear change!

    I've never heard of anybody getting more than .3 et gain from gears. .5-.7 is more the norm for a properly sized converter. Any you still get the good fuel economy on the highway. Scarifice some in town.

    An auto with stock 3.31 gearing and a converter will out 60' and et the same car with 4.10 gears!
  12. Guy who did mine was side jobbing. He works for a GREAT shop in town and had done gears for me previously at that shop. I was able to get some hooked up for considerably less than retail. If I remember correctly gears in my old 9" ran $400 for labor. But that's at a shop with a 20 year history
    that is known for taking good care of customers. Seems about right.

    I don't know if it's the gears or the Bamachips tune, but when I'm on it the shifts snap so hard and fast that at first it's a little alarming. GREAT SET OF MODS!

    Making an appointment for ud pullys today!
  13. I have to agree eric. I had my 4:10s put in this week end too, along wiht a bamachips 93 performance tune. The car pulls much harder with the 4:10s. As for the tune it was alittle on the lean side so we added 12% fuel to get the AF ratio to 13.2 at WOT. With his canned tune i was in the mid 14s pretty much all the way through the curve. But it so much more fun to drive now
  14. OMFG, What a copycat! :D
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  16. I think my arms were around 21 inches in that pic. They have been as big as 23.

    I own a couple of gyms and train fighters, boxers, kickboxers, cage fighters. I also teach kung fu..... We also have a copious amount of iron for the lifting. That said my current goal is to get cardio up and shrink a bunch. There comes a point where you are just too damn big to fit into most things. And if you try to buy sweats that are XXXL top and med or large pants, they look at you funny.