Wow, been awhile. Three and a half years since last post.

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  1. Good to see the forum is still going. Keep the imports and 5.0s in line guys. Glad to see things are still hoping on here.:nice:
  2. Heh, and your last post was "it's been awhile."

    Welcome back.
  3. Lol!:rlaugh:

    Yea, I need to pop in more than once in a great while. I really want to find another turbo ford. After the mustangs accident, all I have is it and some spare parts sitting around unused. I'm headed to check out a 88 GT tonight, so maybe it will be a future project car after changing the fuel lines, harness, and mounts:p. Only time will tell as I'm not a V8 (or V6 for that matter) fan by any means.

    *Good to see an old face here btw. Whatever happened to "old red" your mustang?
  4. Oh, it's been gone for awhile. It was rusty and then got to a point that it wouldn't start. I woulda hung onto it for a bit longer, but because of that it was just in the way...some guy bought it off me for $100 for parts back in (I believe) October 2005.
  5. lol dont feel bad mod. I stop in once every great while as well.