Wow, check out this Ebay Auction, someone selling 427 SOHC Cammer Heads!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Demonic, May 3, 2004.

  1. Saw a pair of boss 429 heads go for 5k on ebay recently. :jaw:
  2. Have you ever heard a Cammer run? Gawd, music to the ears! Hear that six-foot chain sing! The most authorative exhaust note I've ever heard!

    Last motor I saw sell complete was 10 years ago for over $20 grand.
  3. Well, if you come to Oklahoma at the end of the month, you'll get to see at least 5 and maybe more. We've got one guy bringing 4 Cammer powered cars from Florida, one of which is Dyno Don's Mavrick, and I think John Vermeersch is bringing his Cammer 'wagon (yes, THAT John Vermeersch) and I believe Rick Kirk is bringing his Cammer powered, Pro Street Falcon Sedan Delivery (the one from the Stillwater Designs ads from a while back). Actually, I'm expecting a dozen or more Cammer powered vehicles to be there (the original cammer, not late models, this is a nostalgia event ya know).
  4. Sheesh, they sold at 2k and I can expect it will take another 2k+ worth of machineing work to get em back to there former glory.

    Man I would love to hear a cammer run, I'v heard that the 6+ foot timeing chain adds a destinctive sound that is just awsome. I bet those engines set off car alarms in parking garages.

    Someone should get a digital video camera and record one running.
  5. We're hoping to have someone in to record the event and sell video and DVD's after the event is complete.
  6. ...of course I'd take off the 3-inch body lift kit he has 1st thing...
  7. WOW, that thing has more gound clearance than my 74 Bronco
  8. I'v seen that blue fastback auction alot over the past month or so. He keeps reposting it because noone ever meets his reserve.

    This is about the 4th time he has put it up for auction. I have a feeling he has a unrealistic figure on what he thinks its worth. But he's just loseing money by continually posting it. Eventually he's gonna have to lower his reserve.
  9. He should sell the 427HR separately...IMHO.
  10. To really get the fullest benies out of it you need to get rid of the chain, and run a gilmer belt. The chain develops a nasty harmonic up around 8800, once the belt is on you can buzz it to 10. Then they really breathe.....
  11. Just don't wear a tie when checking timeing :spot: