Wow i didnt believe you guys but...

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  1. I just got the sct2 in the mail, and loaded the 91 performance tune. Wow does that make a difference. I didnt think ud even be able to notice the difference in a manual, but i was wrong. You know it takes a man to admit he was wrong :D
  2. nah-nah-nah... I told you so... i told you so... I told you so...
  3. I think the UPS guy wants one too (he saw me tuning it as he was leaving, thats how fast i ran out there lol). he has a v6 automatic, and i told him its a must for those.

    Also, just got back from makin sure the speed limiter was removed.....yup :)
  4. yeah, when ever I'm talking with someone who has a v6 auto the first thing I ask is "have you done a burnout yet?" And it's always the same, "I can't :shrug: " Then I hand them one of Lidio's cards and say "He can fix that... " LOL!

    So when are you ordering your Zex???? LOL!
  5. with the duals,AFE and tune i cant keep the tire from spinning pretty funny
  6. taken your car to the track yet afixer?
  7. you guys are just mean!!! gosh i want that!! rub it in alittle more!!
  8. i 2nd that notion...

    on rubbing it in guys. way to make us po folk feel like crap for not having a custom tune on our 05s. im not hating though...hopefully i can get some cash saved up so i can get mine soon. this gives me a lot of feedback as to which tuner i should get. thanx.
  9. yeah but my problem is if i get a tuner my wife will either want it on hers first or make me wait until we have enough cash for two!!!
  10. yea but if you only knew what i paid for the 2 dyno tunes. i had to retune after i put the AFE on and since i was one of the first xcals out they didnt have very many tunes out yet.
  11. hey kev does this help. this is what i had on my window at the show. also dont forget you have 2!

    2005 Premier V6 Coupe

    Screaming yellow
    Active anti theft
    Anti lock brakes
    Traction control
    Shaker 500 stereo
    Sport Interior and Exterior packages

    Cosmetic Mods
    Leather interior with yellow driver seat inserts
    Pony floor mats
    Yellow door sill inserts
    Billet gas and brake pedals
    Web electronics sequential tail lights
    MGW radio and climate control knobs
    Tinted windows
    Redline elite hood lift kit
    MGW radiator cap
    Street scene Gt grill conversion w/fog lights
    Ford Pony emblems
    SS Stang emblem
    Graphics express 12” rally stripe kit
    Painted calipers
    My Color Dash
    Ford rear mud flaps
    MGW power plug
    8” Shorty antenna
    MGW coat hangers
    Tinted Windows
    Pony floor mats

    Performance Mods
    Steeda sport spring kit
    Gt take off mufflers with true duals and magna flow X pipe
    SCT Xcal 2 tuner w/custom dyno tune
    AFE CAI (prototype now in production) on web site AFEFILTERS.COM
  12. scary but except for the performance mods i have almost all of the same mods minus a few and add a few for both of mine...