wow I have been gone a while!!!

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  1. hey guys i just realized its been like 6 or 8 months since i have been on here! guess i got home from Iraq and got too busy to do this as much. So incase any care i thought i would drop a little update. I finally employed again as a firefighter still and havent had too much time to work on the mustang yet. i did manage to get the inner fender and core support off before winter set in though. Now that its warm outside and i can get back to it i find myself with a girlfriend! haha but its ok cause she comes from a mustang family. Her dad and her and her little sister built a 66 coupe that her sister gets to drive :( but her dad has a 65 2+2 fastback that he is getting ready to start working on as well so its a good fit. I have a ton of parts i am gettting ready to start putting on and get my old 66 up and running hard. hope the time of my absence has been good to yall!
  2. glad to see you back from hell amigo.:D:D:D
  3. Welcome Back!
    My girlfriend's son came home too and immediately got married.
  4. Welcome back and Thank you for you service to our country!
  5. Welcome back to the madness; and let me add my thanks for your sacrifice as well!

    Gotta jump OT for a moment:
    SVTCobra306 almost did the same. Came back in late-March '08, asked me if he could marry cowgirl tink on Memorial Day weekend; and they got married on Labor Day '08. I should change my avatar to the picture of my grandson sitting on the intake of her Cobra.
    (Yes, they now have two; his '94 'magazine car' and her '97 vert.)

    Back on-topic; fireman sam so where's the latest pics of the car???? :worthlesb
  6. 6 months? This is my first time back in almost 6 years, haha.
  7. thanks for the welcome backs. still trying to find time to get my hands dirty with my car but havent due to putting in a pool and deck around it for the parents! soon i will get back to metal and off the wood work!
  8. finally got around to putting a picture or two up so yall can see whats going on... got some rust repair fixing to happen on that frame rail... then a new inner fender and new core support going on as well then i can move to other problem areas

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