wow, I really am alive!

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  1. Hey all, long time no see, Just was working 12-13 hour days.

    But, Now I shall have some more time to myself, Tomorrow I start my new Job at the local Pontiac, Jeep, and Mazda Dealer as a tech.
    In My absence, I have been a busy bee.

    The Old House was closed on last week, so I had to move all my crap out of the garage.
    I found out the Ex Wife had a sort of Boyfriend before she told me she wanted a divorce.
    and I have blown a bunch-o-Money on the 87, Including some n20 and some other goodies:)

    anyway, I gotta jet now, But I wanted to say hi!
  2. Who needs nitrous?
  3. :notnice: on the ex having a b/f. That ****'s not cool, man. :( 'Grats on the other stuff, though. :D

  4. That must always be the case with a married woman. (EDIT: who is about to divorce I mean)

    Great to hear from you again, home slice. I hope your life continues to get better and more comfortable.

    Peace. :nice:
  5. Jay,

    Good to hear you are alive.

    Looking forward to hearing more updates about the '87.

    What vehicles did you keep in your arsenal?

    I thought you were a plumber?
  6. Nice to see ya back on here, Im with 140 cant wait to hear some updates on your cars. :nice:
  7. Damn man...I never woulda thought mary was like that. Women are no good.

    At least things are getting better.