WOW I'm P***ed off!

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  1. This little smart a$$ in his chevy malibu comes up behind me, riding my tail like there's no tomorrow, so to get him off, I gently tap my brakes, which makes him back off, but nonetheless he continues to be a di**
    My mom was in the car with me, otherwise at the stoplight I probably would have rolled down the window and asked him what the deal was. We had a nice little staring contest before the light turned green and then he continued to ride my butt and try to get past me. He finally got his chance, got past me, cut me off and when he did that I flipped him the bird (at this point I REALLY wasn't happy) which in turn made him slam on his brakes (to the point that I had to slam on mine to the point of my wheels locking up). Being the guy I am, I floored it and it (almost) seemed like he was keeping up with me! I am wondering why that would be (granted I'm a new standard driver).

    It was a newish malibu (LT or LTZ) with dual exhaust

    Granted, here is not a good example, I am usually a pretty good driver. I don't do what most teenagers do and floor it off a green light (even with the stang) and I'm courteous and patient most of the time

    Thats one of my biggest pet peeves. Guys who, whatever you do, WILL NOT stop being jerks on the road.

    What are your biggest pet peeves when driving?

    **EDIT** I did have the AC on, which seemed to take a lot out of the car
  2. First, turn the ac off.
    Second, make sure you are in the proper gear when the rpm is in the power band. Around 4k.
    Third bring the rpms around 5800 then shift.
    Bang the gears like you stole it LoL

    Maybe the malibu was modded, who knows?
  3. :nono:

    Driving like a nut, displaying road rage and possibly putting your mom at risk since you are an inexperienced driver. Not cool.
  4. I think the AC kicks off when you floor it, maybe you were just in the wrong rpm range :shrug:
  5. Compressor turns of at WoT
  6. People driving with their high beams on (or with incorrectly adjusted HIDs). :flame:

    And even more, people who drive slow in the left lane. :mad: :uzi:

    And honestly, that's about it. I don't like people riding my butt, but if they do, I just slow down to the point where guys on bikes start passing me. :D
  7. My wife has an 06 Impala LT, with a 3900 engine and that sucker will move! Its not as fast as my mustang but its got some power, I was impressed.

    I had a dickhead ride my ass when I had my wife on the back of my bike. I told the wife to hop off at a stop light and I got off the bike and I dont even remember what I yelled but that dude rolled his windows up and locked his doors and he stayed WAY back the whole time after that. In a car is one thing but on a bike is a totally different story!
  8. There are a lot of possibilities....

    1. I doubt someone would be antagonizing a race in a stock Malibu. He problably was modded (especially if you didnt blow him away)

    2. You are really bad @ driving/racing lol

    I think it may have been a little of both.
  9. :lol::rlaugh:
  10. Ya, ya I know. Not the smartest decision probably, but can't change that now.

    That is HILARIOUS! I would've paid to see that!

    Yea, I agree with you there, but hey, everyone starts somewhere right??
  11. Just out of curiosity, what would you have done if you were in my position?
    Like we all own Mustangs, so would you give him a run for his money or what?
  12. If it was me anytime some rides my ass I slow down....and when I slow down it gets to the point of we are moving at like 15mph...if they dont back off they try to pass...and they normally cant....then they ride my ass, I slow down more...they either turn off or they back off, thats how I deal with tailgater's.

    Except when I am on my bike, if we get to a stop sign, or red light I get pissed!
  13. If it had been me I would have ignored the guy. Road rage only leads to bad things.
  14. :rolleyes:Funny that you asked that, last time someone did that to me and I posted what happened, my thread got lock faster than I posted it. It sounds like everthing that happened to you, happened to me in my stang. Except I was w/my wife, and I was very armed.
    In my case I took my weapon out my side holster and sat it on my floor board, for easy access, and just in case the police were involved and they can see the gun at a first glance; even though I have my Carry and Conceal liscense. Don't want a nervous armed Cop staring at me, anyway, I was heated just like you were and followed this kid, he happened to be going the same way I was, not smart in his part, I followed him til he looked like he was gonna crap his pants, when I came to my senses, I decided to let it go but, when he realized I wasn't gonna kill him, and stopped following. At the next stop light he saw a Cop and started to tell me "He wasn't a ****," and drove off.:nonono:Guess he was.
    Just be careful and assume everyone is pontentialy physcho and is armed, ready to kill, I have had extensive training w/my handgun and is certified to teach handgun skills for the NRA. Your best bet if this guy would not have back off was the call you local police w/licsence plate number and location, follow but, keep a distance and tell them its a legitamate emergency. If you don't have a gun or want one, get some pepper spray. Works as well as someone seeing a gun. Take it to the track if you have a need for speed.:flag:
  15. The last guy that tailed me like that then cut me off and almost put me in a gaurd rail. After entering the highway I shot past him with my middle finger proudly displayed out the moonroof. He then tried to catch up and cut me off again but had no chance to get in front of me. I could hear his engine screaming and I was at maybe 40% throttle and walking away. He stayed on my ass in traffic and almost hit me at the exit.
    I floored it to gain some ground then slamed on the brakes and pulled over then got out of my car as he was coming to a stop. Somehow my voice and face scared him and he jumped back in his truck and almost ran me over as he drove past me. I reached out and managed to yank off his drivers mirror and then threw it at him.

    It was so very dumb and I know better. What if he was armed? I would be dead, thats what.
    Normally I keep my cool but I really lost it with this ass hat. My new Lincoln was rear ended twice in one month and I spent over $2500 in bumper repairs that could have gone for mods. He was about to dammage my rear bumper again and I just wasnt having it. :rlaugh:
  16. I don't know whether to be extremely pissed at you for getting yourself in a potential deadly situtation:mad:, or just laugh my arse off at the thought of you ripping his drivers mirrior and throwing it at him,:lol: now I'ma gonna have that scene in my head. *wipes a tear from laughing*
  17. Yea I was really considering that but I didn't think about it until he was gone. It was a manitoba plate as well, so for all I know the car could have been stolen.

    Now THAT is a way to deal with a guy. I would have gotten out of my car after watching you do that and shook your hand lol

    I did learn my lesson about all this though. Even though I drive a faster car doesn't mean I should duel it out with someone if they make me angry.
  18. Yeah it was dumb. When he started to get out of the truck I saw he had a thick upper body, shaved head and tats all up his arms and on his neck. I thought "Hes gonna beat the crap out of me" so I just fronted. I am a big guy and have a booming voice when needed so I made it deep and loud and yelled "Get the f out of the truck mother f'er! Your gonna eat through a straw for a month!" :rlaugh:
    It worked, his face was priceless as he jumped back in the truck. :rlaugh:

    I have never lost a fight in my life but on the other hand I have only been in a few. :shrug:
    Pretty sure I would have lost this one. :(
  19. That's a hard call. I can't say that I have not done that, because I have. Just remember who is in the passenger seat with you.

    At 18, with many passes and miles on the street, I thought I was a good driver. At 23, I was twice the driver that I was at 18. Now, I'm much better than I was at 23. I think everyday you drive, you are slowly becoming a better driver. With that, I think that you can learn to handle situations like this better. Most importantly, stay safe. That guy could have been strung out on Meth or something else and pulled a gun. You really never know. :flag:

  20. People driving slow in the left lanes will piss me off more than anything. If someones riding my ass i just let off the gas, no brakes, just let off the gas, and of course if its a multi-lane road, ill try to keep pace with the car next to me so the doucher cant get by.

    Usually if its someone tryin to get in front of me, and there goin faster than i am and they use the turn signal i have no prob letting them in.