WOW I'm P***ed off!

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  1. Breath mints and boobs :drool:
  2. :eek: It just got cold in here.
  3. You guys would never make it on another forum I am a member of. It's a Mustang based site, but you'd never know it without looking at the name of it.

    That said, that was a joke, laugh and move on.
  4. HPJ?
  5. Probably Mustangworld.
  6. Yes, message boards are like the mean streets of Detroit. You gotta carry a gat, and have someone watch you back at all times. Don't tread on us.
  7. Funny you said that.

    I actually recieved a PM about that exact situation and member invloved from the "SuperMod". They really don't like it. We have an off topic, short bus/squeky wheel section.

    Maybe, but not here.
  8. Honestly, I laughed about the hole mom thing, I would have laughed if it was my own. But the guy made a request, he wasn't crying about it, just said hey, I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about my mom like that. There's nothing wrong with that, and that isn't being a baby.

    I've lost my patience a few times on the road and had some road rage, definitely not something I'm proud of and to the people saying keep your cool, that guy could be nuts or on meth, etc. have a good point. There is no better advice for it.

    I have a concealed license and sometimes carry, but to the guy that was carrying and pulled it out and put it on his floor board to chase someone- Sorry, not to be rude, but that's a joke, man. Don't carry if you can't control yourself, crap like that gives the pro gun control folks something to stand on. Anyway, don't mean to bust you're balls, just hate to see you end up in prison for shooting someone over road rage and all the negative effects it puts on the rest of the gun owning community.
  9. First, if you have a CCW, carry all of the time, even in your home. Secondly this kid flew past me, cut off another vehicle, got in front of me and hit his brakes very hard, Third, he was actually was going to the same street and town I was going I wasn't really following, read my post, I made it like I was pretending to follow b/c he was a kid I knew if I seem like I was gonna go after him, he would crap his pants. I have the credentials to back up my descisions, seems like if you gonna sometimes carry a pistol, then you need schooling, leave the guns to the adults. I don't have to explain myself but, I had to tell police about my pistol, its the law here, I went ahead and took my pistol out just in case the police were called. Please say something intelligent and worth while if your gonna criticize.:DThe fact you carry half the time lets me know all I need to know about your handling of situations and situations that require deadly force, quit pretending to know what your talking about!!:nice::flag:
  10. Going back to the OP and responding to that I would say that it is very hard to be a Mustang driver sometimes. Everyone wants to test themselves against the standard by which all cars are judged, the Mustang GT.

    When it gets really annoying is when they are driving a ***ing dually or some stupid sedan and they still try and you are not in the mood for the :bs:

    Literally happens almost every time I drive my car...
  11. I get screwed w/by every teenage ricer on the freakin' east coast, I have a meager gt, you Kilgore, well lest just say even the people that are car info stupid know that your car is sick fast, people just can't sit back and observe a beautiful sports car anymore.:nonono:
  12. So what Ive learned here today is that if there was more Tert Flashing
    there would be less Road Rage.:hail2:
  13. Negatory
  14. Man, that crap happens to me ALL THE TIME. I've had more stupid cars mess with me than cars that could actually give me a run. In fact, most LS1 drivers hear my car and then avoid me, as if they think I have 500hp or something...:shrug:

    Here is a list of the stupid ass cars that have messed with me just since I got to Moody AFB last July:

    Dodge Ram 3500
    Silverado 2500
    Isuzu Rodeo w/fart can :)eek:)
    98 Mustang V6 (stock)
    Dodge Caravan
    Honda CRX w/fart can
    Late 80's Camaro RS 2.8 v6
    Volvo 240 w/fart can

    I don't even know how to respond when cars like this mess with me. I'm just in awe...
  15. LOL!!! Dodge caravan?? Izuzu rodeo?? lol these people are nuts! lmao the dodge caravan one is probs the best. lol I cannot believe these people:rlaugh:
  16. It's funny you say I need to act like I'm an adult. First of all, I don't carry unless I feel the need for it, if I don't have my weapon if that highly unlikely chance that I'm in the position that I would need it in, then that's my own problem. That makes it none of your concern. But the fact still is, you followed him, trying to intimidate him and pulled out your pistol, and here is a sentence from your thread:

    "he proceeds to flip me off scream somthing then leave, oh I'm so enraged that I pull out my .45, sit on my floor board then follow this ****, on the way I keep telling him, pull over, pull over, he keeps driving, we get off at the same exit, I roll down the window, ask him whats up, lets do this, rolls down the window, yells, "I ain't no ****" then drives off, proving that he was, don't know If I would have acted that way if my wife wasn't w/me. I want to know if he knew if I had my 1911, locked, cocked, and ready to be fired,"

    So this makes you the aggressor, in you CCW class, you learn that your CCW is for your personal protection. It is NOT to be an aggressor and pick a fight with someone because they tailgated, flipped you off, etc. If you are the aggressor and you shoot someone, it doesn't matter if you have a CCW or not, you're screwed and in the process of you looking bad ass, you made the rest of us CCW holders look like idiots. Then you go on to say, "you don't know how you would have acted if your wife wasn't there" then you go on to talk about if he knew about your gun being ready to shoot. He was never an aggressor because he was driving away from you flipping you off, big deal. You became the aggressor in that situation. They even say in your CCW class, the best thing to do is call the police, EVEN IF YOU ARE ARMED.

    I keep finding something else every time I read through your post man. When a Police Officer pulls you over, you DO NOT remove your weapon from the holster and put it on the floor for easy access. That is easy access for you to grab it and shoot that the cop, that's the way the officer will see that, things will get ugly fast. You keep your weapon in it's holster with your hands on the wheel and inform the officer that you are armed.

    Another thing is this, you say I need to be schooled? You come on here acting like you know how to handle situations like these? You don't. People that take these training classes like you have then act like they know what they are doing is a joke. The only people that can brag about their weapons training, are Police, SWAT, and the military.

    Bottom line, your not the adult here like you say, sorry.:D

    And do you even know anything about using deadly force? Seriously? You throw that term around quite a bit. I don't think you should be carrying for your own safety and that of others.
  17. Blah blah blah, we have a right to open carry here thats why I did that, less questions asked if the gun is in a open area. I've had to pull and show my pistol several times in life threatening situations, so I proved myself to avoid capital charges. Hey the NRA trust me to teach them and others. A car is a deadly weapon, more so than a pistol, he flew past me cut another car off, almost creating an accident, an litteraly attacked me w/his car. Nope this does not make me the aggressor in my CCW class, when he engaged me, are you serious, go back and read some more, you have better access to you weapon when it is in your holster, at least when the officer comes up on you, after putting his print on your car, he is checking you backseat floor boards, the backseat, and your floorboards, hes not looking at you but, your hands and your surroundings, nope he wasn't driving away from me while flipping me off, he was right beside me and engaging in what seemed to me as threatning behavior, on my wifes side no doubt, 1911's are always locked cocked and ready to be shot,you would know this if were if you were as smart as think you are, and yes he would have never even given a second thought if he knew I was armed thus, leaving me alone, yea the best thing to do is call the police. The police were there when we parted ways, these cops are everywhere in my town, so the chances of me running into them are very high. Its funny, he tries to run me off the road and now has an advocate of you. Continue to carry half the time and half the time the bad guy will get away, sounds like the gun makes you more of a man, huh? This scenario is beat to death, I'm not in prison, so I did something right, wanna get into some real weaponry theory, Check out Jeff Cooper, Massad Ayoob, FBI rules of engagement, or how about tactics, Todd Jarrett, read Sniper school training manuals, come on you've bitten off more than you can chew. Ohhh, I'm ready for more debate about the OP's scenario, looking forward to your next post!!!!:nice::flag:
  18. To the OP, no offense at all is intended. But this is hilarious.

    Something like that: YouTube - Show Them To Me. :rlaugh:

    No offense again, but the more and more of your posts I read, the more I think you are about 14 years old.