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  2. this thread sucks.
  3. Thread totally sucks :lock:
  4. I agree, I know my stuff, if I don't think I'm right, I'm in the books and books about the books. At the very end it dosn't matter what anybody thinks. I agree, this thread should put away. Anyway to the OP, get yourself a CCW or O.C. pepper spray and stand steadfast and confindent on the road, sometimes if you don't stand your ground, the mass and a mass of mobs a.k.a "sheeple" will band together against you. Like :lol::flag:
  5. My wife and I have a 2008 base Malibu. When I test drove the optional V6 and floored it, it was a pleasant surprise. It had a good amount of pep, more than I expected.
  6. First of all, how are you not the aggressor when you pull up next to someone rolling down your window saying "lets do this". You are TRYING to get into a fight.

    I actually do know a few things about guns. How is a 1911 always locked, cocked, and ready? I guess when you load your magazine and put it into the gun a round magically appears in the chamber? I don't think so. And before you think that I don't know anything about guns. I own a Glock, you chamber a round and it's ready.

    You know nothing about police tactics, so do yourself a favor and quit acting like it. You leave your weapon holstered unless you need it and I mean you are scared for your life. Other then that, it stays away in your holster.

    You really think that you would impress me by saying you teach classes for the NRA? Keep trying. A 2 hour NRA course, big deal. People that take those classes because they want to spend their money on it and do is fine in my book. But people that take them or teach them and act like they know it all when they have seen ZERO real world experience is just asinine.

    So lets get this straight. You are trying to justify acting like a idiot with a gun because he was driving recklessly? Think about what you just said. You go after this guy, trying to pick a fight with him when you are armed because he cut you and someone else off? If that really bothered you so much, then take down his license and get on the phone with dispatch and tell 911 whats going on. The police will happily show up and do THEIR job. You are not the police just because you carry.

    You are the one with the ego problem, not me. You feel like you need to carry, because it makes you feel bad ass.

    You can read your books all you want. All you do is read someones opinion, whether it's right or wrong. You weren't there, and you have no clue about it. You know, all because I've read about Carol Shelby and a lot of his quotes, biography, etc. doesn't mean I'm a race car driver. So because you've read some guys books they have made, good for you. They know a few things, but that doesn't mean you do to because you've read their book.
  7. I have no idea what to say about these threads anymore. Maybe somebody will come by and clean this crap up.
  8. You know if you really teach NRA classes and are so confident in them trusting you. Then lets send them a link to this thread and see if they agree with what you did during your road rage incident.
  9. This thread does suck, I'm just trying to educate this guy on some things, but he won't listen.
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  11. :rlaugh: Internet=pure truth
  12. I think he's full of crap about everything. I would be surprised if he taught any class.
  13. Wow:lol:, this guy really wants me to prove myself to him, all I know, is that I spent a lot of time learning about my state laws, my federal laws, and local law enforcement laws to and always keep myself tactically in the advantage, Mr. Half way carry. Sorry, I really don't have prove anything really its always fun to chump down a semi-novice. Oh since you really want to sound intelligent. When you put a magazine in a 1911, mainly mine w/the 1/4 inch barrel, they are normally 5 inches, they go as low as 3, its not ready to fire, b/c its a single action hand gun that can only be fired if you press the hand safety, if you pull back the action it will not fire, b/c the bullet is not chambered, you have to have the slide back already, or you need to eject an unfired round, then put one in the chamber, the hammer is back and be ready to fire. Hence, cocked, locked and ready to be fired. There are double action 1911's. Your glock, is not a true single or double action pistol. It has a hook that pulls back a spring w/the firing pin attached to it, and releases the pin, thus using the gasses to blow back the action, and blah blah blah. I know my hand guns and tactics, I used sell them for a living, I have lot of firearm forms that ATF look over w/my signature on them, when you can get your glock completely torn down, I mean the internals too, everything, and put it back together again, doing it yourself , then you might be a year from my level, maybe. Ego, you saying schooling me, this is fun I can talk all day about what you don't know. Oh yea I do and can teach for NRA, why would I lie, theres no reason to lie, you're no one to impress and why would they bother to prove anything to you. I'm bored, stick to cars, and try not shoot you self in the foot. You wanna talk about Glocks, the origin of glocks, who uses them, what firm started them, the evolution of glock, what rounds used to exist, how about ballistics and how the FBI uses them, what rounds the FBI uses or used, why is the 1911 considered the greatest handgun in history. *Yawn* I've lost more info then you've gained. Lets be real, your posting for others, aren't you, you've said nothing to impress me, I've love forensics and ballistic forensics. Cars is a semi-hobby, my hand gun is a life style. Next.:lol:
  14. Game, set match
  15. Mustang forum, or handgun forum? Internet rule #1, people are idiots and you cant teach anyone anything unless they want to learn. Start following this rule and your stay on the Internet will be much nicer. :nice:
  16. See what you mean, Cars; I'm still learning and learn from everyone here, Guns and ballistics, thats my favorite, and know a great deal about the subject, heck I have more books about guns then I do cars. I stand my ground when it comes to Self-Offense and Defense. Everyone here should carry a pistol, legally of course.:nice::flag:
  17. Gotta keep your cool when behind the wheel. Road rage is something that should be avoided at all costs, however I do know how it can get rough at times to not let things get the best of you.

    I've never had the urge to chase anyone or prepare to fire my weapon after following and tempting them. I will use my handgun as a last resort to protect my life rather than use it to get a big head.
  18. You're right, everything I did was in jest to piss off the kid though , I knew he was just a hot-headed teenager, he just happened to be going to the same place and the same way as I was going, just took advantage to scare him silly. My cool was kept the whole time, which scared him even more, this was my home town and I could have followed him anywhere I wanted, then kept going, wouldn't put my wife in that much danger, I say that much, b/c she also has a pistol. He pretty much will leave all Laser red 2000 gt mustangs alone from here on out, I betcha'.:rlaugh::flag: P.s. He pissed me off at first, my wife immedeately calmed me down, then got methodical. There's no shoot first then ask questions later in me, unless I catch you breaking in my home w/ me in there. Even then the laws here say you cant shoot if they are already in your house, they have to be in the act of breaking into your place of dwelling.
  19. Actually, I do know about Glocks, 1911, whatever. I've owned my Glock for several years, break it down after every time it goes out to the range, which is once a week along with my AR. Guns are my hobby as well, and with every hobby there is always something new to learn. What you need to understand is this, I knew there are two different styles of 1911, but most that I see anyway are dual action. I've shot them and do enjoy them, the only reason I don't own is because I don't have the money to put down on one at the moment, but some day will. I'm sorry if I come across as not knowing what I'm talking about when I just don't feel like typing everything out. So don't jump to conclusions.

    I can go to a gun store and figure out what caliber, gun, etc. works best for what I'm doing or for a friend. Have done it a few times. Off the top of my head, can I answer all your questions about Glocks? No, I can't. But that is a completely different argument about history then what he have been discussing.

    Do you want to know a reason why I don't carry all the time? Here it is, it's not fun carrying a Glock 23 for a concealed gun in the middle of summer underneath your t-shirt. Talk all the crap you want, but I have other things that require my money instead of spending $500 on a new gun for concealment.

    Reason why I wonder about you making up the teaching thing and some other stuff? Is because of how you act. You seriously think you should remove your gun out of its holster when a cop pulls you over and put it on the floorboard? Your not to even supposed to touch your weapon when a officer pulls you over. You try to sit there and say this how you do things, when it is the wrong way of doing it or how to handle something. Just so you know, the things I've learned have been from people that have been there done that. I spend time reading about guns, but over the internet or someones opinion in a book doesn't mean as much. I've read so much BS on the internet/books about certain guns that isn't even true.

    My whole problem is that you say your a teacher, but your going to get yourself or someone into a heated situation with the police by handling their firearm while a cop is pulling them over. It's things like that you've said that are wrong, but you don't listen to someone that would know, you just keep bringing up that you know all about "tactics" what tactics? Seriously man, guns are a passion for me, something I enjoy, I have put some money into my AR15 I own. I've met some people that do this kind of stuff for a living, actually putting their lives on the line. They don't act all bad ass talking about tactics and they actually listen to what people say and if they are wrong, they say it, they don't care. I look up to those guys and I think they are bad ass.

    That last post towards me was the only decent one you've had that I've seen on this forum.