WOW I'm P***ed off!

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  1. Anyway, I think everyone is sick of this thread. If you want to talk about this further then PM me.
  2. Where the hell are you guys going that you need to bring guns with you? Mordor??? And how many times have any of you actually used any gun besides at a range?
  3. I think everyone in here needs to park the Pony cars, have a beer, and gander at some terts. :D

    And in an effort to stay on topic, I absolutely HATE when someone in front of you is turning into the road as if they have an extremely top heavy vehicle that will tip over at an speed greater than 5mph. These are also typically the cool cats that opt not to signal.
  4. lol yeah, the "coolsters" who think they can change lanes without signaling... Usually in an exotic or vehicle they would probably refer to as "bad-ass":rlaugh:

    I actually had a person PASS me on a residential street in a school zone... My god:nonono: