WOW! INCREDIBLE!!! 2003 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SoonerJoe, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Just on a whim, my brother and I went to the Ford dealer, and they had a 2003 Cobra with 8k miles. They actually let us drive the car....that car is amazing!!! It handles great, and the acceleration is crazy!!!!!! To those who have the Rocket, how often do you get all over it, and what kind of mileage do you normally get, just for a reference? :nice:
  2. not that often.. a lot of rain here lately and construction on roads. But when I get the chance, it definitely is fun to drive
  3. hehe

    I probably average 10 MPG!

    It is a rocket! UP the boost from 8 to 14 and it sounds like jet when you floor it.
  4. It should be "how often you don't get on it!" he he
    The BBK CAI I added may not do much but it sure acts the a megaphone for the supercharger. It awesome! It's Loud!!!!! I scared the crap out of a ricer when I nailed it. :rlaugh:
  5. How much was the dealer asking for it? I am waiting for the price to dip.
  6. i average about 200 miles to a full tank of gas. i get on it fairly often. that is what it is made for. ;)
  7. WOW! You get 200 miles on a full tank? I'm lucky to break 190 :D
  8. ....

    RAN 11.72 and 11.79 today at Atco @ 119 mph with only the mods below!

    and ran both times with only a 1.75 60 60 ft I have run is a 1.70 if only i could have done it today...would have had the 11.6 run!

    Screw gas mileage haha running 11s and beating everyone you race is all the matters! Two mustangs and a camero... the last mustang was a close race he ran a 12.0 but had a great 60ft...only beat him by a car length and a half...
  9. 28995, w/o negotiating, I think they would have come down another 1k.

    Wow, 11's!!! How much did your mods cost you?
  10. Damn. That car is sick! I have to get one.