Roush Wow it's been a while thought I would share

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  1. Hey guys it's been a while I've been very busy with the CG and schooling. Anyways since I got back from Guam and started school I was driving the Mustang around and started to notice some problems. It was dropping off real bad and surging. So I took it into RPM Engines in Rohnert Park CA. Real good guys and was recommended by John Griggs. Took me car there put on a SCT switch tune? I don't know what it's called, and also a Big MaF 2600. They tuned the car but it only made 440rwhp and was still having some problems. 2k later with them I still wasn't happy. So I took my car to Speed Freaks in Tracy CA. A great bunch of guys. They get the car on the Mustang Dyno and he says he can't tune it because the Blower was surging real bad. Turns out my blower is bad. GREATTTTT so I buy a T-trim 2800 dollors. Ok so my daily driver is down now. It wasn't supposed to be down for more than a week. First off it takes 2wks for the blower to come in only to find out that Vortech sent me the wrong blower. It discharge tube was 180degrees in the wrong direction. Pack it back up and send it back. A week and a half later I get the new one. They put it on and I'm all excited I haven't had my daily driver for almost a month now. They get the car on the dyno. And I had 32000ohms of resistance on my car, meaning that my car is not properly grounded. Thank you so much APEX motorsports in Santa Clara. I hate them... Anyways he starts to fix the grounds. Turns out that the ground from the Battery was inproper. They used a Galvanized bolt and washer which is not conductive. So he fixes it and now it is 11pm at night. He says he can't do it. So now I go back the work without my car. The next week I get a call from them saying that they fixed all the grounds but now after 4krpm the band new blower starts to surge. Wow another bad blower from Vortech. I couldn't believe it. I'm so pissed. So they took off that blower and sent it back. Waiting on the new one. I'm going on a month and a half without my car. All I wanted was a new blower and tune. Now it has costed me over 5k just with Speed Freaks not to mention the other 2k at RPM. 7K in less than 4months. Thought that I would share my frustrations. But when my car is done. OHHHH man it's gunna be a blast. but yea my whole savings is gone. Anyways if anyone is wondering where to take your car I definatly recommend Speed Freaks in Tracy CA. They are the only ones who took the time to trouble shoot what was wrong with me car. But Vortechs credibility is going down in my book right now. I hope that they get it right this time. The third time is a charm. Take Care guys..:flag:
  2. Sorry to hear man.

    We have been there and feel your pain. You love your car I'm sure so spending the dough on it to make it right is worth it I hope.

    I heard Apex went out of business shortly and now is back in business with new money. Is this true?

    Personally, when it comes to centrifi. blowers I like the Novi 2000. To each their own I guess. Good luck with everything and try to take Monday off. It's veterans day.
  3. Hey marcus Yes I do love my car but I love me wife too. lol Yes Apex is in new management. I still wouldn't trust them with a cent of my money. I was thinking about going with the Novi but wouldn't I have to change everything? I have the whole aftercooler such on my car. And I do get monday off. It'll be my first 3day weekend since I joined the CG. And with that 900ft ship that hit the bay bridge on wendsday spilling 56000 gal of oil into the bay I don't know when my next day off will be.
  4. You peaked my interest with the term "surging" as far as the supercharger goes.
    So i called my buddy up to see what the hell it meant (his link in my sig).

    He said that surging is typically NOT a problem with the supercharger itself. (but it may be, it's just not normally a problem with the charger)

    He suggested overspinning the SC, too small of an intercooler, belt slipping or just a bad setup can cause this to happen.
  5. Well my original s.c was overspun. The new one though I don't know what was wrong with it. The aftercooler is the one from vortech, and it's brandnew. Ravi the guy at speed freaks explained it to me and that it was the s/c was sucking and pushing air out which messes with the MAF and in turn makes it very difficult to tune. He went through everything else on the car to make sure it was the s/c he diagnosed it for about 11hrs just to make sure what it was. But yes my original s/c was overspun.
  6. Yea,

    Interesting. I have not heard of an overspinning problem but I guess there is a first for everything! Paxton/Vortech are in Santa Barbara. Two hours form me and maybe 3.5 hours down the coast from you, right? I would have driven down there and picked up a new blower in person. I hate waiting!

    I can't believe that ship spilled that much fuel. What a mess. I guess that's one more reason to boycott Chinese products. What a shame.
  7. Yea a long time ago i was pushing like 20psi it was crazy I had it on for like a week. The charger was a V1 standard trim. It was from 98. Very old.. Yea I would have liked to have gone down there in person but I don't have time with work unfortunatly. Still no word either on when my car will get done either..
    That ship is in so much trouble too. So many animals are dying. It should be mostly contained the middle of this week.