WOW! Mixed on CAI

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  1. I just installed my Densencharger..yeah I have had it for a few months now.

    Well anyway the insructions confused the hell out of me. I could not for the life of me get the damn thing in.

    I had set the plastic tube and the new PRO-M maf up earlier so the sealant would have a chance to set.

    Anyways it talked about undoing the round plastic maf piece with the metal screen and stuff like that? Why? I did not use it if I needed it? :shrug: :shrug:

    So I tried to put the filter in the whole from up top...yeah that does not work either it was just a tad too big.

    I only have the meter and tube that goes into the fender.

    So to check my filter am I going to have to take the black plastic mud guard off all the time? :bang:
    I ended up undoing that screw then could not get the push pin out so I pulled the guard out instead of pushing it in, had to fight that for a while.

    It was hard to get it lined up too, once I did get the filter in I had to pull up on the maf to get the thing all the way into the TB tube so I coule snug the screw down.

    That black plate that comes with 3 screws??? Yeah I only used the top two, is that ok? No way was I going to even come close to a straight hole with my drill trying to get to that 3rd hole. So I left it and did not drill but the two holes in my fender.

    Is there anything I should know about this install? :shrug: Did I mess it up or what? Man it was a pain in the a$$ :(

    I would imagine that K&N will get dirty quick in that fender too...any help for checking it and getting it in and out without so much trouble? :bang:

    One thing I will say, took her for a quick spin...HOLY ****! She revs so fast now, between the exhaust and now the filter kit the damn thing is in 3rd before I can realize it. 1st gear was spinning even from a roll and spins into 2nd and it was honestly hard to keep up with the gears. I am stock gears too. :spot:

    Anyways some helpful tips and or suggestions would be appreciated. I plan to take her out to a mustang meet/cruise tomorrow and we are going to a nice park in Brown County, IN.

    p.s. The one thing I would deff. like to see...directions for the 2001 cobra, my sheet had stuff for 2v and 4v and 03+ cobras as well...makes it even harder to understand them I wonder if some of the things I skipped were for other cars???

    ****For instance the sheet talked about a fender L piece and an under hood one, well I only had once big black plastic piece from them so that confused me, also talked about some other screws that I never found or seemed to need. I had 2 set screws for the black tube that went into the bigger tube...I am wondering now if that was it...I had the thing together I guess that tube should have been mounted to the filter first then put up under the car and into place and slide through the black panel? Hopefully that thing never needs to come off..

    At any rate I hope I did it right, if not please let me know ASAP as I do not need my car to break down. :bang: :mad:
  2. haha, that does suck, I have the bbk one in my car and man is it ever a pain in the ass, so bad that I can not even get my filter out without jacking up the car and undoing a nut from underneath so basically I just keep the same filter in there forever haaha. Doesnt seem to get dirty though at all :rolleyes: post some pics of it if you can. that would help to see how you did
  3. Seems like you had some trouble with the CAI install, eh? :shrug:

    I thought the install was fairly straightforward - if you visualize all the pieces and how they fit together beforehand, it makes the job a little easier.

    There's a few pics on the Densecharger website which shows the kit installed in the engine bay of a 99/01:

    Some notes:

    No need to use the "screen" with the Densecharger kit at the MAF location. You can if you want though, I don't see any harm either way.

    Yes, you can use only 2 of the 3 screws to hold the black plate fastened to the passenger side wall of the engine bay.

    If you find that you are missing any parts from your kit or in need of help, contact Mr. Demolet via phone for assitance (get contact info from his website) - he is well known for his above-average customer service IMHO.

    Make sure there are no leaks once you have put it together - ensure a proper seal at all connections so no unmetered air enters the intake tract!
    Do a "mock-up" first and loosely assemble the CAI together so it helps you get a feel for how it replaces the factory tubing - that should also aid in seeing how certain parts may have to be adjusted/twisted to get that "perfect" fit.

    Resetting the car's PCM by unhooking the battery is also suggested, IIRC.

    You want to attach the K&N filter to the tubing that resides in the fenderwell and then attach that to the piece that meets flush with the black plate inside the engine bay - it's awkward at first, but if you visualize it, it will make sense.

    You'll probably want to knock loose the dirt and clean the K&N filter every so often, say every other oil change. Do not let your air filter go uncleaned, at the very least - knock the debris out of it on a semi-regular basis, or you could encounter performance/driveability problems after an extended period of time.

    You'll be amazed at the amount of road grime/dirt/dust that collects on the exterior of the K&N air filter - it's normal, but when cleaning, do NOT OVER-OIL the filter media!

    Removing the inner fender splash shield isn't too big of a deal either. If you have a jack handy, you can lift the front end and remove the right front wheel to give you more clearance if cranking the wheel all the way to the right doesn't give you enough room to work with.

    /end notes....
  4. That screeen piece I never even saw where or how it would hook up?????!!!
  5. you dont really need that screen, just make sure its flush with the MAF adap. ya i noticed a diff when i adde the densecharger also. i just run the straight through(1bend pipe)herd it was better. hope you like it.
  6. Air filter installs with CAI's suck on our cars; I couldn't get the supplied filter in my MAC kit in there for the life of me. Fortunately, I had another K&N that fit lying around.

    I suppose in the long run it's probably simplest to remove the RF wheel/tire & the plastic fenderwell liner, but what a PITA for just cleaning the air filter.