Roush Wow, must of been an abusive 26k

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 2000xp8, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. This guy suggests the mileage on the car is original, and the car has even been painted.
    Looks more like 226,000 miles to me.
    So if he had it painted and didn't drive it much, why does it look like crap? A simple washing would probably do wonders.
    No engine pics either, probably because that would tell the true tale.
    Says no title discreptancy, but IMO that doesn't mean crap, in NJ for example if you don't wreck it bad or goto inspection, they let you tell the DMV the mileage, over the friggin internet, so that means nothing.
  2. I think most of why it looks bad is it is picking up some bad reflections from the ground.
  3. Ya, also looks to be pics after either rain, road salting or both.
    But still, look at those rims, what a mess.
    If it were in great condition like the ad suggests, wouldn't he want at least another $3000?
  4. A huge suggestion

    WASH IT!

  5. The interior is the give away. Look at the steering wheel. I'm willing to bet that this car has had some slight odometer fraud.
  6. I second that..
  7. It's hard to tell fom pics guys. An engine shot would've helped. If he had washed that car we might all feel different. Usually the drivers seat is wore badly on a high mileage car. Who knows.
  8. That steering wheel appears to have wear marks. Hard to do with only 26,000 miles.