WOW...That Sucks...A LOT

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  1. so i ordered two new fenders for my stang and they FINALLY got here today along with a stone deflector and they sent me two left fenders....i obviously ordered a RH and LH and it says so on the receipt and on the website and stuff but its just really frustrating I'm gonna have to like send it back and stuff....i emailed the guy i talk to there and hes usually pretty cool but i want to get some input on how to handle it and what to expect?
  2. That sucks. Always disappointing to get shipped the wrong stuff, but it happens. If its a reputable company there should be no hassle, they'll pay to ship one of them back, and hopefully they'll send you the RH fender right away. Good luck!
  3. The first thing would be to call them and calmly explain the situation. They should ship you another fender right away. If they refuse or try to charge you extra shipping then it's time to get upset.
  4. This happened to me once with a set of wheels from Jegs. Two of them had the correct BC and two were wrong. They mailed me a return shipping sticker to put on the box and send back. Most places won't ship the replacement until they receive the returned part.
  5. Exactly. They deal with people pissed off all day. If you're cool with them, they will usually go out of their way to help.( or at least it seems that way.) That's when I get to CS.
  6. i emailed them last night and woke up this morning pleasantly surprised to find out that they had already sent out the correct fender and the freight people would be by to pickup the wrong fender. pretty good service.
  7. What company? Always good to hear about who did it right for future reference.


    ive ordered a crap load of stuff from them lately and its all been great. highly recommended.