Wow! What A Birthday Gift ~ (kinda long)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by motorCITY, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Man, Oh Man! What a day it was ~

    Get outta work today and my wife tells me my birthday gift was ready. I knew it was something with my stang, but really had no clue what it was. She said I had to go to Detroit (Dearborn) to pick up my stang -- it's at Livernois MotorSports.

    So, I'm geeked. Up til this point, the only thing I've done to my car is a K&N filter. I purchased the Borla Stinger cat-back a while ago, but wasn't installed yet. My best friend (who's been coordinating this whole thing with my wife) offers to drive me down to Livernois. 5:45pm - BAM we're on the highway!

    Livernois closes @ 7pm, so were trying to push through the rush hour to make it on time! It's just about 90 miles from Lansing to Detroit. I'm thinking Go, Go, Go, Go! We're cuttin it close. We were just getting on to Telegraph Rd @ 6:58pm -- 2 minutes to go, and I'm still 7 miles away. Time to call Livernois - they agree to stay open cause they know were coming from Lansing, my birthday, yada yada yada. Few minutes later and we're there!

    From behind the gates, I hear a low rumble. Ah yes . . . my Cobra had started up. The gate slowly opens. There she is. . . . but something is different. She sounds meaner, more aggressive. Even a hint of attitude. As she rolls to my side, I can clearly see the Borla Stingers are installed!

    But wait . . .they guy pops my hood and asks "See anything different?" Well, of course first thing I look for is a turbo (like we can afford one of those anyway) - no turbo. But from under the head I see a slight glimmer. I move closer to see BAM. New Long Tube Headers! I quickly dive to the side of my car and look under . . . BAM. A New X pipe. Plus, the Borlas -- they threw those on since they were gonna have it in the air anyway. I was soo geeked.

    Needless to say, my signature will be changing soon.

    I won't continue to bore you with the drive home. But man, what a birthday gift!! For a guy that usually gets socks and cologne, my wife really caught me off guard with this one.

    ** And for the guys that stayed late @ Livernois til I got there, thanks again :nice: . I truly appreciated it.
  2. awesome story.
  3. Now I just gotta get him to take her to the track :D.

    It was hard as hell not telling him. Espicially with him trying his hardest to break us :p.

    Anyways, I have not heard it yet, but from what he tells me, it's mean as hell :nice:
  4. Awesome wife! (I'm assuming Milhouse is the wife, correct?)
  5. doogz -- too funny. :rlaugh: millhouse is definetly NOT the wife. He's actually a good friend who kinda got me into this whole cobra/stang-muscle car kick I'm on now.

    He and my other friend (who drove me down to pick it up) had helped my wife coordinate what mods to get, pricing, etc....

    Maybe someday he'll make a good "wife" for someone, but definetly NOT me. :D

  6. How dare you deny being my spouse. Now honey, no more mods for you :D :rlaugh: :banana: