Wow what a LOOONNGGG night

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  1. amen to that brother. hey if u ever in SC u need to look me up.

    a woman with a gun just what i need

  2. married woman. :)

    MyCarNeedsHelp just report that you were beaten to your local police department. They have to do something.
  3. I see you're shooting an SKS...I just can't figure out what the other one is. Ruger mini 14 maybe? Hubby is a lucky guy by the way. My girlfriend hates guns.
  4. Well instead of buying a rifle or handgun i went to the local shop and bought me a poisen dart gun. Comes with 4 clips that hold 40 darts each fully automatic with scope... :D . Its suppost to be able to paralize a human for over 2 hours . Ill shoot that f'r then kick him couple times then wait for cops to come pick his lil punk ass up. And when his "gansta boys" wanna come deep it shoots fast and far so none are getting away nor will see me. :nice: . They can f with me, but NOT my mustang :notnice: :nonono:
  5. your hair is messed up.

  6. NICE!
  7. I HEAR THAT!!!!!. good choice. not too lethal but just enough to put them down. yall should get a bunch and just chill in the windows with some beers and enjoy the show. hope everything works out. stupid @$$ gangbangers.

  8. my hair looks goooood :D
  9. Just tell them "We got Death Star! We got Death Star!"
  10. ohhh my god bustin out the freakin STAR WARS GANGSTA RAP crovax. freakin awesome

  11. :( mine doesn't
  12. It's a mini 14. Gotta love those cheap .223 bullets.

    I hated guns too, but I was forced to shoot them by my significant other. He started me off with a .22 w/scope. The .22 gets boring after a few hundred rounds. Maybe you should try that with your girlfriend.
  13. Hair, what hair.. looks fine. females are to concious. but that is just an awesome pic anyways. I think most on here will agree.

    be carefull man with that dart gun, they may take it as an excuse to use therir reall ones regardless if they wake up after you shot them. In their minds they know you shot em and thats all that counts. I would just report them and the fact that they have guns, that will get the cops interested, they will get pulled over and searched. and if you are lucky they will find the guns and do something usefull with em. like cleaning the side of the highways on a cold slushy day!
  14. Listen to Trubo Flush.

    If you shoot them, they'll shoot back with deadly consequences.

    Try not to use violence to solve this problem. My suggestion about getting a gun was for personal protection and it should only be used for self-defense. However, you want something bigger and more powerful than they have.

    It's been a while, so have you notified your local authorities? Sorry, but I need an update.
  15. Thats a load!! David used a sling....thats good enough for me.
  16. You have to remember that they didn't have the weaponry we have now back then. :)

  17. hell I would of just cast a spell on him. I always like wizards and worlocks :D :banana:
  18. Well i havent notified police but they havent been back yet. I tested this thing out and shot my friend in the ass... no poisen though. He said it stings like hell :rlaugh:
  19. ahhhh man how did u get him to go along with being shot. wish i had friends like that.