Wow what a LOOONNGGG night

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  1. One thing about all gang bangers is that they are completly helpless on thier own. A buddy of mine back in HS was jumped by a bunch of gang members for "dissin" thier symbol, put him in the hospital for two weeks. He got out, tracked all 12 of them down individually. He taught them all a lesson and told them that next time he would kill them, they were so scared of him after that, even in a groupe he would chase them off. Also, if a gang member is found dead, the cops just write it off as a "gang/drug related death" and don't even investigate it very far.

    The area I live in is becoming urban, and there are a bunch of new apartments which are filling with "goverment substidies" IOW, projects. However the people who have been here a while, the white conservative working class is considered the problem. Call me a redneck if you want, touch my property or rape any woman in my life, it's over.

    The police say there is no evedince that they messed with your car but I gaurantee a judge can use the assult they did to you as a reason to make them pay for the damages.
  2. i can feel the pain and it wasn't even me that got shot. poor guy :rlaugh: