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  1. the other weekend the local dragstrip hosted an all ford car show and fun run. i brought my falcon to the show. it has the entire running gear out of an 87 gt, 302 efi t5. m2 front end and alot of subtle stuff. also i just built a turbo motor for my capri and am looking to sell the current 347 in it. I thought it would be a good opportunity to advertise so i took that along as well. as for the car show i didn't win anything( if they had an ugly duck award the capri would of won) so it went to the fun run.

    the first run i ran my capri against a 32 ford with a bbc in it, full drag dress, roll cage, slicks and headers like a top fuel car. "well im gonna get spanked" i thought, but it was actually quite close.

    my times
    1.862 60 ft 1/8 [email protected] 1/4 [email protected] :jaw:

    his times

    1.621 60ft 1/8 [email protected] 1/4 [email protected]

    WTF that was my best time ever and didn't have my slicks on, that was run on 225/65r16 tires on a stock chassis.

    i did several runs in the capri never quite getting off the line like that again. got bored and asked an official if i could run with my nephew riding shotgun. he said only if your slower than 13.99, so just shut it down at 1/8 mile. ok i told aaron to jump in we're going for a run. at the same time a good friend of mine jumped in my falcon looked at me smiled and fired it up. i was always curious about how the falcon would hold up against the capri(with a handicap it should beat it) i know the falcon was slower but i just found out how much(i havent had it down the track yet).

    did the burn out, staged, launched and let off at half track, on the brakes lightly and crossed the finish before the falcon. i ran a [email protected] the falcon got a [email protected] wow i would of never thought 3 second difference in the 1/4 would be so drastically different in power levels. i then did several runs in the falcon all about the same times.

    i still have a 347 maybee the next run someone will want it.
  2. I'm stumped, the falcon is a pretty light car comparative to other models of the era, right? What is the weight? The stock '87 GT 302 was rated 225HP/300TQ so that would tell us teh HP/WT ratio.

    Not really sure what you're asking, are you upset that your Capri is too fast or your Falcon too slow??:D