WOW, you have to see this 66 on Ebay!!!

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  1. So I often like to look for 65 and 66 fastback mustangs on Ebay and I really saw a doozy today. Its a 289 coupe, but the guy has it listed as a fastback. On top of that its running stock iron heads with 1.94 chevy valves, performer intake, carb and cam, and he claims its making 400 NA horses to the wheels. He also says it has an 8 3/4 rearend!!! Isnt that a mopar rearend?? Anyways, I called him on these issues and hes calling me the idiot. Unfortunately he has it set as a private auction so I cant inform the bidders of his stupidity. So maybe you guys can call him or email him since his number is listed in the listing and let him have it for trying to scam people. Just type in 1966 fastback in search and its the first car, its blue with white stripes.

    Here is a paste of his reply to my email:

    It is obvious you know very little and have far to much time on your hands hence your incoherent rambles and your very bad conspiracy theories. For your information the car is fast really fast, like this, see my hand? Zooooooooooooom fast ya know? And I r think it is fasterer than your car AND AND I would hate to be such a big fat doody head like you.

    Your momma wears combat boots
  2. thats the most hilarious thing ive read today. thank you :D lol

    i suspect it's this one: mustang auction
  3. Yep, that be her. I really hate to see an innocent mustang be in the hands of such an arrogant uninformed baffoon that has no respect or knowledge of it.
  4. Not to defend him, but putting 1.94 Chevy valves in small block Ford heads has been a popular upgrade since the sixties. It was much cheaper then buying the Ford GT-40 valves.
  5. True....but there is no way anyone is going to get 400RWHP using a stock cast iron head and 1.94 valves unless they have a huge supercharger or a heck of a shot of NOS.
  6. Well, aluminum rods, tunnel ram with dual 660's, the heads need to be '69 351w heads with some porting, solid roller cam, it can be done, at 4 gallons to the mile :D But your right, that's not a 400 HP motor
  7. Exactly, Im not saying it cant be done. But looking at this motor and reading what he has listed, he'd be an all-star if he could pull those numbers off
  8. There is a disclaimer at the bottom stating that they know it is not a fastback, that it is a coupe.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing wrong with that ad. The 8 3/4" rearend....he could have used a RULER and measured the rear end in a different is covered there.

    The ONLY thing is the 400 RWHP comment. that means he is putting out close to 500NA at the flywheel....i guess that is possible, but very unlikely, and very unstreetable.
  9. Hey what about the "Frame off restoration"? Didnt know our cars had frame rails.
  10. gotta love those slapper traction bars.
  11. last year I found on a "67 Mustang" listed here in Miami. The pictures were clearly of a 68 coupe, from the running horse in the grille to the chrome accent behind the door (rather than the twin "vents" of a 67), to the front and rear side marker lights.

    I called the guy who was selling it to ask what year the car was. his answer: 67. I asked if he was sure.
    So I asked him if there was anything strange about the car he needed to tell me.
    So I told him the car in the photo was a 68 & not a 67.

    He asked me to hold on, and I could hear him mumbling to someone else in the room with him.

    He gets back on and says "you know, that's a very good question, man. The car is a 67, but the previous owner restored it with a 68 body."

    I asked a few more questions, and to every one he first said "that's a very good question," then he'd confer with his buddy with his hand over the phone, then answer me with some lame rambling vague explanation of how this happened or that happened, etc.
  12. Actually allcarfan, he put the disclaimer up after I ****ed to him. You can see that the disclaimer was added later after the post came up. Yes it would be possible to build that motor, but one of my biggest beefs is the lack of info. If you spent 10 years building this car like he claims and you had this super solid drivetrain, wouldnt you be proud of it. Wouldnt you list every part on it to show what has been done in hopes that it sparks more interest and makes the car more valuable. Instead his only info is that he milled the heads, installed slightly larger valves, poly locks, TRW pistons of some mystery comp ratio, and .030 overbore. Where are the aftermarket rods, forged crank, upgraded oil system, aftermarket ignition system.
    Fact number one I forgot earlier: It says TRW rods and pistons, TRW doesnt make rods!
    Fact two: Its supposedly a clip from a GT car. Original GTs had fog lamps and no valance scoop. Thats an aftermarket setup.

  13. ya, if thats his idea of a frame off restoration then he is completely mistake. Nice car, but far from that sort of quote. Or they did a piss poor job. Cant take it off the frame anyway. LOL
  14. You guys don't do frame off restos with your mustangs? Jeeze, unexperienced and worthless is all you are. J/K

    I've got Chevy Valves in mine... so much of a nicer sizing in my Cleveland heads.

    No way in hell is that 400 HP, not even close to that at the crank either.
  15. I was seriously wondering about the frame off restoration myself...that seems like it would be an aweful lot of cutting and welding...
  16. You hear the "frame-off" restoration used all of the time even though it isn't true by definition. To me, it has become a figure of speech. The car itself looks pretty nice and I think they did a good job on it by the looks of it. I have seen far worse misleading ads than this one...
  17. wow, I actually thought from the quote frame off it wasnt such a hot job. Guess its just what I expect. :shrug:

    I was just kiddin about the frame-off, I know its just a figure of speech, or at least now it is with unibody style cars.
  18. I emailed the seller, nicely asking whether he had dyno sheets or if the 400RWHP was just an estimate. The reply:

    It's a dealer trying to sell the car for some guy, so all he has to go by is what the guy tells him.
  19. that sounds like a completely different person that what was originally posted. :shrug: weird
  20. Just a couple of personal notes.

    He is not a "car guy".

    He is a "used car salesman"

    I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

    My sole evidence;

    Look at the 2 pictures of him, one in the car and the other with his hand in his pocket.