WOW, you have to see this 66 on Ebay!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by SmockDoiley, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. The person talking to me is Shawn, the 12 year old, lol. Its a dealer so Im sure there is more than 1 idiot. I know its a dealer, but the guy keeps telling me the owner had the car more than 10 years and hes an expert. But when I ask for more info on the car, part numbers, more pictures, dyno proof, all I get is name calling. I guess once you own a car for awhile that makes you an expert, but we all have horror stories or talking to complete idiots.
  2. Look at some of his other stuff.

    For instance who would "frame off" a real GTO and then paint incorrect stripes on it crooked.

    Just my humble opinion but it think he is trying to sell a bunch of average cars for above average money.

  3. Body work is real rough on that car. Look at the panel gaps - especially around the hood. I realize the early Mustangs weren't built to the same tolerances as say - a late model rice-burner, but that car is a mess.
  4. All he needs is someone to buy it and PROVE there's always a bigger and better idiot ;).

    The good news is that it's LEAVING his hands.
  5. That hood could be a little better but I've never seen the fender extensions/fenders/hood/cowl live in harmony on these cars.

    You gotta love the asymmetrical stripes on it though. Or are the hood locks off center?
  6. the car doesnt look that bad, but there is no way that car has 400 hp, just look at the pic of that motor..........and the hood and the pins almost in the center of the hood need to go...........i dont know, seems sketchy