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  1. Ok, I work in a Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer. We've just now started getting the new mustangs in for oil changes and new tires (they just dont seem to last, i wonder why /sarcasm)

    anyway, I've driven the new gt version a number of times, and of course was duely impressed.

    Today, however, i was impressed yet again.

    Had a new v6 5spd mustang for an oil change and some warranty work. Bossman had me do it because our lube tech is too stupid to be allowed to drive any mustang.

    That thing ****ing hauls ass. Holy **** Ford did good :)

    the 4.0 is a far more satisfying drivetrain than mom's 3.8 :)

    anywho, just had to release my wonderment, keep on burning up your tires, it makes me money :)
  2. Tell me bout it ;) just woke mine up even more with a tune.
  3. Hey, Seneeb!

    In another thread I asked some warranty questions. Know anything about how mods affect warranties? Can dealerships tell if you tune your car and then take it back to stock when you take it in?
  4. well, as long as it doesnt appear to be tampered with, it will probably go through. it depends on the person doing the work mostly and what the warranty job is (ie driveability concern vs interior trim concern)

    hope that gave you some insight :)
  5. 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds sold me for a V6.
  6. My understanding is there is no way to tell if a car has been reflashed and then returned to stock....
  7. you should try mine... 5.6...... hehehehehe....

  8. Well, there is, kinda.

    There are calibration versions for the PCM, which our WDS (20,000$ scan tool ouch) can look up, and then Oasis will have the version listed from the factory. So if the calibration number is off, a smart tech will see it.

    Fortunately for me, there's a lot of old timers who dont understand electronics working in this industry, so I'll take over the world with electronics!


    yea, 7am posting = bad, gotta get to werk hah