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  1. I would presume that they are all V6's..true?
  2. I see at least two GT's in that pic, look for the foglights and the dual pipes.
  3. cool, Not to much longer till we start seeing these llittle carts with wheels in the dealship
  4. Doh, im blind, I also see that the thread is over a week old, that can make more sense to me then, I was kinda wondering why they would still be testing GT's right now :)
  6. Nice....I would probably have wrecked my car doing a double take at all those stangs at one location.
  7. Lipid Sama... that icon ROCKS!!!! I damn near wet myself!
  8. That just pisses me off! I had to drive across 2 states just to see one, this luckly punk just had to haul his arse to KFC!
  9. ponyboy66 it's Cedar Springs