Wrapping headers??

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  1. have today purchased a set of Hedman 88400 shorty headers to replace my stock 289 manifolds. The dealer also porovided me with Cool-it header wrap.
    He told me it would keep underhood temp down, and also reduce "ping" noise.

    After reading the Hedman installation guide, I noticed a "warranty void" message if this was used.

    Please provide me with some information on this before I have headers installed.

    "To wrap or not to wrap" -that's the question.
  2. wrapping can be very good for racing applications where they want to keep the heat in the headers and thereby increasing exhust gas velocity and that lowers resistance........ but the drawback is if you arent rebuiulding the engine every few months that all the heat is concentrated on the headers, which is almost always more than the metal can take (headers cracking within a year or two)...... even assuming that the metal can take it.... all the heat will bake off any paint or grime or anything that would normally protect the headers so that when water finds it's way onto the wrap and soaks in... it has perfect conditions for rusting
  3. Don't wrap them.
  4. If you want 'em to last and block heat they need to be coated. If you are on a budget and just want them to last you can sand off or strip the factory 'paint' (junk) and spray them with some duplicolor hi-temp header paint. I painted my tri-y's with that stuff 3 years/25,000 miles ago and they still look good, no rust either.
  5. Thanks guys for replies. I can also see that wrapping is difficult to do properly on my shortys, there is obviously very little room for the wrap.

    I also see that the factory paint is **** (it's already peeling off in the box), so I will follow your advice and give them a layer of premium high temp black before having them installed.
  6. From Hedman's site:
    What are these headers like.. curious because of the "Shorty" title. I have power steering and wouldn't mind an option that meant I didn't have to install a power steering re-location bracket. (especially at that price)
  7. The header wrap also causes a rust problem it holds the moisture in hence the rusting