Wrapping the Speedo

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  1. Is there a maximum physical limit to the speedo? I've had mine to the 150 mark and could have gone higher but wasn't sure if would damage the speedo or not.
  2. Lol I've heard of people not wanting to go faster for fear of tire failure or some component failure but breaking the speedo? I could almost hear someone at a car meet saying, yeah my car is so fast I busted my speedo...

    Tangent aside aren't the Mustang's gauges all electric? shouldn't they cut out automatically? that said how does Saleen put 200MPH speedometers in their S281E/S302Es?
  3. Speedo

    from the factory my car shutdown at 149mph. The car felt pretty solid up to that point. My best guess as to why is the factory tire speed rating is 149mph. It sure would suck to have a blowout at 175.

    A tune can eliminate the speed limiter.

    I get a scarey hood rattle and shake every time i get over 100 (daily).
    (yes its been adjusted and has no play at 0mph)

    So I think Fords plan is to have the hood scare you first ~100 then the speed limiter kicks in if the hood doesn't scare you. :)
  4. I see hood shake around 80 or so (especially if it's breezy outside to begin with). I've told my dealer about this and they were like, "Oh really?" and scratched his head.

    I doubt you'll ever break a speedo, it'll just peg and sit there. The tires, I think, are rated to at least 149, but you have to inflate them properly for driving at such speeds.

    It's kinda cool tooling around town in 3rd gear at 40mph, knowing you could just leave it in gear and take it to 100 or so.
  5. My stock 17" Pirelli P Zero Nero M & S tires are rated to 168 mph.
  6. i can say with 100% certainty it will not peg and stay there and it will go all the way around. mine did it last night when i was going 30mph, it went crazy.[​IMG]
  7. I must say that I'm really impressed by how the S-197's handle at high speed. I've only opened mine up twice since I've had it (once to 120, and once to 130) and it just glides along nice and smooth....and seems to do it effortlessly (too easily actually). I haven't even experienced the hood vibration yet, although hood pins are on the short list for installation because I did have the hoop fly up on my '89 LX 5.0 at high speed. In that car at 130 I felt like Scotty from Star Trek...."I'm givin' her all shes got capn'....any more and she'll break apart" LOL The suspension in these cars, although not perfect, is leaps and bounds over the fox bodies.
  8. Nope, you won't break the speedo.
  9. Sort of unrelated to the Mustang...but my brother had a '65 Thunderbird with the 'thermometer' style speedo. One day he maxxed it out and it stuck and wouldn't return to zero again :rlaugh:

    I've never gotten my S-197 past 110...and haven't experienced the hood scare...yet!
    Honestly the suspension and brakes (or lack-of) scare me more than the hood...
  10. so go get some hood pins, lower that ******, and take your purse off i have an aftermarket tune and it won't cut off and it deff still pulls past 150mph my tom tom said so ;)
  11. With the Whipple from 120 to 150 is like the stock GT from 50 to 80 and still pulling HARD.