Wrecked 04 Cobra

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  1. Okay so I'm looking for some advice from you Terminator owners. My friend wrecked her 04 Cobra this past Saturday and the Ins Co is going to total it. The body shop that did the inspection never even brought the car into the shop before they quoted 15k in damage. She has asked me for some insight as to what she should do. The damage is extensive enough that I don't think the car would ever be the same if it were repaired. So, my question is do you think it is worth buying back and parting out? The drive train is all stock and has approx 136k miles on it. If the price is right, my thoughts are to maybe buy it myself and do a full swap into a 4eye coupe. Any insight would be a great help.
  2. I dunno... 136K and wrecked.... i think id just let it go
  3. totally off topic; where do you live? I feel like I've seen your car before...obviously you arent the only 4 eye around but looks familira.
  4. I live in Forked River NJ. And its probably the only one like it around here anyway.
  5. I think depending on where the damage is you would get a nice totally complete swap car, possibly for a great deal. Id find out what the ins company wants for it. The mileage is a little high but you could always add new rings and bearings if needed.

  6. Buy back on it is $1200.00 and from the pics i saw it shouldn't have any engine damage but who knows. I will hopefully take a look at it on Monday. For that price it would be hard to pass up.
  7. You cant beat that....if you dont buy it let me know;)
  8. HOLY COW 1200 I will pay you more for it right now PM me if your intrested
  9. Damn so that is your ride then.

    I've seen you at a few shows, I think most recently Chick-Fil-A in Howell at their end of year cruise. Your car was awesome; why drop a higher mileage Cobra drive train in it? Get a roller chassis for that and leave your car alone!
  10. That was the idea. I have no plans of touching my current car with the exception of a few chassis mods. As for the Cobra, I looked at it today and I think convinced her to buy it back and fix it. So, my project wont pan out but at least she is going to save her baby. I cant blame her after looking at it, I'd fix it too.
  11. i wouldnt fix it i would swap everything over to another car especially if there is 15k damage, you will never be able to sell a salvage title cobra when the day comes for any money IMO
  12. sound great to me but the motor has a lot of miles you need to think it will not be long befor you will need to overhaul some things and the 4.6 motor does not have any cheap parts on it . just saying
  14. what part of car is crashed..

    it sounds to good to be true 1200 buy out..

    im well over 300k now on stock engine and clutch...
  15. Wow....it must have been really hammered for only a $1,200 buy back. For parts alone (even with the mileage) the car is worth 6-7 times that. If I were her, I'd take the cash, but the car back, then part it out. For the $13,800 she'd be left with after the buy back, plus what she could get parting it out, she could find herself behind the wheel of low mileage '11 GT.