Wrecked '05- view if you dare

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by admdavs, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. HAhahahaha.....it was only a matter of time.
  2. AHH DAMN !!! What a shame !! :bang:
  3. I wonder what the story is behind that damaged mustang?Looking at the pic,it makes me wonder if it was wrecked by its owner or it slipped while taken it off the trasporter.Looking at the plastic on the front and rear seats makes me believe that maybe it happened coming off the hauler or something of that nature.
  4. probably, cause I didn't noticed anybody having their 05 delivered yet.
  5. Do the 05s come from the factory with those rims though. Whatever hit it was some weird colors.
  6. Are we sure it wasn't used for crash tests or whatever?
  7. these pics were posted in a thread like 3 days ago. Welcome to the past. Still sucks to see them reposted though.
  8. Too bad we don't know its VIN. It would be interesting to see if it later shows up as being sold as "new" or "demo".
  9. Maybe it was that guy that beat up the Blue PT Cruiser...
  10. Always one in the group!
  11. the colors that imprinted almost make me think it was part of a crash test program :shrug:
  12. That really hurts. I have a hard time looking at older model Mustangs that have been damaged...this is painful.
  13. im guessing damaged in transit maybe ???
  14. I CANT LOOK!!
  15. All those new Fords are damaged. You are lookign at "after" shots of Ford's crash testing graveyard.
  16. Relax man I'm just saying that if you would have read the posts on the board before posting you would have seen our conversation on these pics already.
  17. Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. If you have already been so fortunate to have discussed this topic- great- no need to post again!
  18. that sucks!
  19. These photos were originally posted on Brad's site. The person who posted them claims that this is a repair shop yard, the 05 Mustang was crashed in a rail yard and the car jocky claimed "the throttle stuck". He also said that the car has been declared a "total".

    At least now you guys know that your new car is already broken in for you by the yard jockies.