Wrecked '05- view if you dare

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by admdavs, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. poor thing :nonono:
  2. I wonder if Ford ships off a Congratulatory trophy to the first owner who smokes and totals the first car of a new series???
  3. I don't think the guy that wrecked the first Ford GT got a trophy... more like a pink slip
  4. Here is my thought........

    Car was being driven at the time, in the rain, and the driver lost control and hit one of they yellow protective posts in a parking lot somewhere.

    Which is why im going to say that it was some of the service morons joyridding in the dealer lot.
  5. Don't like seeing it like that... but it was bound to happen eventually :(
  6. I wonder if they will sell me the seats ;)
  7. There's guys like me (in Hawaii) who didn't even see a 05 Mustang on the road and want one really bad, and then some "service worker" go and crash one already. :bang:

    Anyway, what happens if a service worker do that? Does the cops get involved, or he just get's fired and don't have to worry about it? I work near car sales lots and seen a lot of brand new BMWs, Stis, VWs, all with those plastic tape on them, speeding down the street. Those guys need to get off the road.
  8. Any side airbags with that car?
    Are they even available?