wrecked 2000 mustang

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  1. i just got hit head on by some b***h that decided to go 65 mph in a 50 mph zone.the cop blamed me for the accident and now im stuck with a wrecked 2000 mustang.does anyone know of any place in New Mexico where i can get a decent price on the subframe and the front end clip.also i would like to know from somebody whos done it ,how hard is it to just switch out the engine,tranny and exhaust with another mustang body. also if anybody has white diagrams of a 2000 Ford Mustang plz let me see them

  2. wouldnt your insurance just total it?
  3. Is your car totalled? If someone hit you head on doing 50MPH I would think that your car would be totalled. Is the front frame on your car really badly damaged? How about the roof? Usually a head on collision like the one that you experienced would cause the roof to bulge upwards.

    Can't your insurance company total your car? I'm curious to find this out from you.
  4. the insurance would write you off man. how can the cop blame you if the woman hit you head on lol. that makes no sense.
    can you give me details on the accident?
  5. take the accident and cop to court. He's a numbnutz if you're telling the truth. I don't know what happened.....but if she's doing 65 and you're doing 50....how did the cop determine you to be wrong? were there gouge marks in the road from your car? (across the center line)

    I'm telling you.......that's some messed up ****nit
  6. yeah, this doesn't really make sense, give some better details on the wreck.
  7. don't think we will be seeing him again, it was prob hid fault or sumthing

  8. Can't stand people who ask a question, then dissappear to never be heard from again, and give horrible details.

  9. :bang: