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  1. A guy i know had just gotten his car out yesterday for the first time and was going down the highway when a semi pulled out right infront of him and bye bye gt, he locked the brakes up, and hit the semi, and then went dukes of hazard through into a ditch. The car is totaled out and i was just wondering what you guys think? how easy is it to swap motors from a 6 to a 8? expensive? i figure this would be my best shot at getting a faster car, let me know what you think

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  2. You could do it yourself since you have everything you need siting in the GT.

  3. how hard would it be??
  4. If you have to ask how hard, dont try it yourself.
  5. i wasnt planning on it both my brother and my dad would be doing it if it happened. my brother built his motor completely by himself check it out on my cardomain page, page 4, then he just swapped it to another car so i figure it'd be wortha shot if i can
  6. Well if you have help then go for it. Only way to learn is to actually do it.
  7. With a donor car it would be extremely easy. You pretty much just match everything up where it was on the GT onto your car. But yeah, if you aren't sure about what all you'll need to take off, get help and watch ;)
  8. hardest thing to transfer would be to go from an auto to a 5 speed. The clutch pedal assembly and cable are a pain to route, but like the others said.......if you have a donor car right there, you've got it made
  9. If this guys motor is ok, then what is so wrong with his car that they would copncider it totaled? and what would u have to do to get the engine?
  10. did you look at the pictueres??? look at the frame on the right side of the engine bay, i havent personally seen it yet but the kid said its completely totaled out, just the air bags blowing kills the interior, plus he went air born into a ditch. im gonna try and get it off of him either way i can use parts of it for something if i dont end up getting the motor.
  11. A budy of mine wrecked his '95 GT and it bent the frame pretty good and the insurance said they'd have to total it since the repairs would be more than the car was worth, and he didn't have the money to fix it, so he sold it locally for more than what the insurance would've given him ;)