Wrecked hopes / Fond Memories

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  1. This is great guys, I knew that we could help Roy out and it shows what kind of people are involved in this hobby!!

    BTW Roy, the Carter carburetors are the same as the Edelbrock, in fact they are both made by Webber (at least they used to be) and all parts are interchangeable for the most part so you will have no problems.
  2. I got your e-mail Roy, if you ever need an extra hand before the weekend, feel free to e-mail me any time. I'll also send you my # so you can give me a ring if need be.

    Also that carter carb, what kind of carter is it? 1 bbl or 2bbl? If it is one of those I can rebuild it for you for free, just let me know. On the other carbs though I could only get you a discount for a rebuild unfortunetely. My boss is pretty strict on that. Unless I build it myself and I haven't rebuilt anything for a couple of years beyond Carter 1 and 2 bbls and Ford 1 and 2 bbls. So like I said let me know about the carb.

    About the e-mail addy thing, I am not worried about it, that is my internet e-mail which I hand out to people if they need to get a hold of me, I have a private address which I only give out to those I know and trust.

    I will be down in SJ this weekend on Sat to hopefully pick up my Stang, as long as the car is in the shape the guy said it is it'll be a done deal.

    Good luck with your Stang Roy and again e-mail me when you need an extra hand. :D

  3. Shoot, I used to know that, I must have suffered a brain spasm.
  4. Carb question

    Oops, now I'm confused again. According to the data I have the two models of the '67 289 came w/ a 4BBL and one with a 2BBL, so I'll have to ask 70XR7ConvertCat
    It has to be a 4bbl as the engine sits now, it's a 351W with a Weiand Stealth manifold.
    The manifold only took minor damage. The two back studs broke out of the aluminum but I have a MIG and can fix it myself. I just looked up the Carters and I see exactly 1 set up for ford linkage - s-9637 625 CFM, but thats modern Carters.
    OK, it's a 4bbl, just a little confusion there for a moment. -R.
  5. Thanks a bunch Steve

    It was nice to meet you and thanks for the Carb.

    Even worse than it looks in the photos isn't it Steve.

    Steve showed up and found me with the engine running on my buddies truck, loaded with junk I cleaned out of the garage.
    (and still trying to get it clean enough to tear down the engine)
  6. Likewise. Personally, I think 95% of us would consider it a writeoff, so more power to you. After seeing it, I am surprised the guy survived at all. Post pictures as things come together. Such a long way to go....

    Steve C.
  7. I've got a Holley 4160 sitting in the garage I just took off. Any need for it?

  8. I appreciate the offer, I like the 4160's, I've used them before. The Carter looks pretty good. It's a 625 I think, just a little bit bigger than my Edelbrock. Thats good because I'm going to port match the Manifold this time and should get a little better flow. I looked it over and the parts are interchangable with whats left of mine.
    If there turns out to be a problem I'll give you a shout.
    Actually, I'm going to attack the engine very quickly I hope, 2-3 weeks if I jump on it. I want to fire it up in the garage

    Steve! Of Course It's a write-off. I know you probably think I'm crazy. But there it is and it's all I have to work with. I hope to surprise everybody and drive around and meet as many of you as possible.
    I'll get it as straight as I can but I'm not up for a show car this time. I just want it on the road and as hot as I can realisticly make it.

    Without you guys I don't know if I would have finished it while I was still young enough to drive to the corner store.

  9. Well, I've made some progress.

    I've just about got everything off the front that can be salvaged.
    Loaded the scrap into ny buddies truck and am waiting for the last bits to come off before I take it to the metals salvage place.
    I don't expect to get much for the load but it beats paying the dump to take it!

    I've just about finished cleaning the garage and will be able to start on the engine pretty quick.

    I've up-dated the page on the re-build project, and added a spreadsheet to keep track of parts.

    Here are a few pics of the engine coming out.

    We had to use a Porta-Power to spread the sub-frames because they pinched in the crash.
    Notice I've cut the cross piece in front, and it was STILL tight!

    Finally on the hoist. It was a really hot day!

    And after that, believe me, I was ready for this:
  10. Damn Roy, I didn't realize just how bad the body damage was...have you located a new balloon assembly (cowl)? It looks like you need a whole new one. It will be an amazing testament to the will of those in this hobby when you drive it to the local cruise night some day.

  11. I not only have a new cowl, I have a whole new front clip assembly! It's currently down getting media-blasted at Spray-Technology in San Jose, who were the folks that did my powder coating originally. They offered to do it, though I was able to figure out a way to pay them back a little for the job by writing a new safety manual for them. (The old one dissapeared around the same time one an employee left and no one could figure out where it went:shrug:)

    Here's the way it works:

    I also need side rail (part ID#112 below), for the drivers side since I do not intend to weld anywhere except at factory weld points.


    I AM making some progress! (BTW, I may have to move some of the images and links somewhere, eventually. My web site is getting quite a bit of traffic!)
  12. Roy, I didn't get the pics of the control arms and Granada spindles and brakes Saturday because of some family stuff I had to take care of, but I will be able to take them tonight as the wife and kids are headed to her mother's until Saturday. So I'll be baching it. :D

    I think I also have the center link for these as well as if I remember right, its still all connected together. The only thing I don't have I think are the strut rods, springs and shocks. If it hadn't gotten hauled off before I could get to it, I'd have had a steering shaft and box as well.
  13. Thanks

    Don't worry about it too much, as you can see I've a LONG way to go! My springs and shocks are ok and it looks like the swaybar survived though I haven't determined if it is bent.

    RE:"baching it", hey it's an opportunity to spend more time on your projects!

    I think there is a guy locally (Danville) who has upper and lower control arms and some other pieces, I'm not sure what else, so it might be best to save some freight costs and send the minimum. I owe you an awfull lot of thanks for your help and hope you know how much I appreciate it!

    If there is anything I can do for ANY of you in return, (web-site work, electronics design, wrenching on your projects, or even detail work for home re-modeling) I have good skills in these areas and it would make me feel good to help in return.

    PS. BTW if any of you are doing a DIY kit for Electronic Engine Control and would like some help with it, my son is really good at the assembly stuff and likes it, though he says I'm a tough boss. LOL!
  14. hey roy...you live in willow glen area, thats what i gather from the pics but not sure...glad to see you got help from people on this site. I don't have any parts to donate but i'd love to drop by sometime to help out on some wrenching if you need it. I'm by oakridge mall.
  15. I sent you my e-mail and phone number. You're welcome any time!

    Right now I'm sorting junk to take to the metal salvage place along with the bent sheetmetal I've removed. I got a couple of hundred pounds of old nuts, bolts, pipe fittings etc. to go through.

    There is still lots to take off the car though. In fact, this week-end I'm planning to remove the rear window because when I got some of the interior stuff out I could see that the glass HAS to be highly stressed, and it's a miracle it didn't break!
  16. Progress!

    It looks like the clip will be sandblasted today or tomorrow at Spray Technology and they're going to prime it for the cost of the primer, (around $25.) which is really nice of them. Spray Technology is where I had the Powder Coating done on some of my parts, and they were the ones that did the blasting and priming when I was restoring it. They do excellent work!

    Here's the clip:



    Here's the interior of the clip with the Instrument Bezel I'm fabricating.
    Checking it for fit here. intended to mount exactly like the original.


    A shot from the rear.
  17. Here's a link to a site about converting to a Granada front end. The spindles are used and everything else new. Cool thing is is gives you part numbers on what to get.


    Mustang Steve's site says the brakes to look for are marked .810" MIN. and you need the 11" V8 brakes and not the 6 cyl. 10" ones. These measured a tad over .875" and are the 11" ones.

    I don't have weights yet though.
  18. According to Grayhound, if it can be split into 3 packages of ~50# each it will cost 51.20 with a max valuation of $300. Cheaper if it's less weight I can handle that. Max weight per package of 100# but the price goes up quick.

    It might be cheaper to ship by truck but I need package size and real weight to get a quote.
  19. I really like your instrument bezel Roy. It looks like something I have been thinking of but really wasnt sure how to make. I toyed around with milling it out of a chunk of aluminum but the compound angles make that almost impossible and impractical. What are you making yours out of? It almost looks like you cast it from a mold.
  20. Exactly! I plan to make it from Carbon Fiber with an embedded aluminum faceplate. What you see in these pics is the model I will make the actual mold from. (hopefully next week) You can see the complete project at This Site. Page two has the details after I got the glitches worked out. I did it since the Haneline bezel got crunched and I didn't really like it anyway.