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  1. yeah, I finally found it, but most of the links no workie. I emailed him....
  2. I'm glad he managed to get it back together. I met him 2-3 years ago, and the car was a mess. Although I didn't see my name in the credits, I gave meanroy a carburetor to use when I went fuel injected on my 5.0L.
  3. Happy Birthday to me ;)

    I got your e-mail and I'm sorry I didn't reply.
    I was pretty discouraged at the time and considering just giving up.

    This summer I started work on it again although I didn't get a lot done.

    The thumbnails are a couple of pics showing how the windshield pillers will go together.
    The intention is to overlap all the body joints for strength.

    I have acumulated many needed parts, some from you guys here, some I bought here and there and I have a donated 3/8" gas line from a fellow member of VMOC. (Vintage Mustang Owners assoc.)

    I've picked up a couple of commercial sponsorships/offers of help.
    Mike Maier of Maier Racing said he would help with the cage (if I ever get there), Spray Technology (Powder Coating) in Santa Clara primed the clip and some other stuff. (virtually anything I want, has the new wheels now)

    I still haven't got my hands on a replacement tailshaft and tailshaft housing.
    I had an offer of a replacement tranny but nothing ever happened and the guy disappeared from the web. :(
    (not that anyone owes me anything, other than the oxygen thief that stole the car.)

    I'm a little dubious about my ability to correctly align the front and rear clips so I'm looking for a GOOD shop in my local area to do the job.
    Terry over at Davis Moters is ready to do the final welding after it's aligned.

    Many thanks to everyone who donated parts to this beast.


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  4. It is good to hear from you.

    So, to clear up any confusion, it is NOT rebuilt. The rebuilding process looks to be here: Rebuild
    and what we saw on your site was the original build (that was stolen/crashed).

    Good luck on your build. I have 289 parts kicking around (all in need of work), so if you need something 289 related, I might be able to help (the original build was a 351, so I may not be helpful). I think your still in body work land though.
  5. sorry to hear that man . its sad to loose a car and have it come back jacked up . those people who stole the car should get cruel and unusual punishment .

    I am in san jose also and i want to learn how to restore cars but never done it . i would love to help you out if you ever need some
    help , but only on my days off .
  6. Begs the question, "What ever happened to, San Leandro resident Deshon Julian Laimont, 24, And 22-year-old Oakland resident Alonzo Moore???"
  7. You are correct.

    Yep, I'm still in BodyWork land.

    I am just about ready to do the last cuts before trying to align the front and rear.

    I noted that in some early posts, there were some guys that were willing to lend a helping hand. (literally).

    If any of you guys that live in the area have some time you can spare I would really appreciate the help.
    There are many times where 1 guy really has to struggle to get something done that with two is a piece of cake.
    Besides, as I've gotten older it's become harder and harder to push myself into actually getting of the stick and working on the car.
    I could have finished this already if I had focused on it better.

    Hey 408ponyman, that would be great. Anytime. PM me for my ph. #.

  8. ...roy....your me hero! :D

    it's great to hear that your...slowly but surely....making progress. I know a guy with a 70 GTO that got smashed in after another idiot ran a stoplight hitting him at ~40 mph....they got that fixed too..

    even better, your doing this yourself! :nice:

    keep that old pony alive roy, don't put 'er down :flag: