Wrecked my 98 Stang Need Information

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  1. Guys I need to get some advice. As you can see from the pictures my 98 mustang v6 was wrecked. Is it worth fixing? or should I sell it or part it out? It has a salvage title and when it is fixed I can get a R title for it. It wasn't hit that hard, but i don't know what I should do.

    The car will need to be put on a frame machine. As the right side is pushed back a little under 1/2". (compared measurements to my other stang) The door post is straight as can be. But, the outer sheet metal is pushed in at the bottom where the door hinge bolts on. See pic's. The drivers side is still straight and the door shuts like it should. So i know the car isn't twisted. Front rails and radiator support are straight.

    What do you think it is worth how it sets? When fixed?

    If anyones interested in it let me know.


    Plus check out the pics my brother is offering Free Labor... :-D

    1998 Mustang V6
    37,000 Miles
    Runs perfect
    Interior is like new

    Parts I do have:
    Roof Panel
    Front bumper
    New tire

    Parts I need:
    Windshield $250
    Air Bags $400
    Passenger Fender $65
    Wheel $50
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  3. links should work now

  4. Yeah thats what I thought, but once we removed the door and the fender it doesn't look that bad. Any other opinions?
  5. its done for....you could buy another 95 silver mustang for cheaper then it would cost you to get urs back to the condition it was in beore the wreck...id part out the car and make as much money back as u can...

    btw airbags deployed = u teh screw'd
  6. How do you figure? I'd probably only have $1700 in it. where can i buy a silver 95 stang with 37,000 miles for $1700?

  7. Well, you could take ur engine and tranny and swap it into the new one that u paid all of 3000 dollars for. It will cost you a lot more then 3000 dollars to get that car fixed...airbags can be 2000 by themselves. (dealership costs).

    i also noticed in ur sig that it says u have a 95 v6 with a 2 cylinder conversion kit. I hope ur kidding... :nonono:
  8. maybe you can drive aroun without a door and fender and not feel so bad then. hehe
  9. yeah just rip the other door off....you already have the height of a wrangler just rip the top off and with the doors gone then you'll be driving your new jeep! lol....i'm not one to talk i have stock springs also (doesn't mean I like them...) but as it has been said airbags are a b*tch, and any logical insurance company i know of would total it out just because of that, 9 year old car with blown airbags....
  10. I was going back and forth on what my first mod would be: springs or tinted windows... I'm going with springs. Too hot right now anyways to be running around las vegas with my windows rolled up for 2 weeks. I don't run my air conditioner so I'd probably die. Maybe I'll put these on right this time. The last set up springs I installed I didn't get the front ones seated right. I was too lazy to redo 'em so I just left them that way.
  11. why don't you run your a/c? it's been proven in national tests (along with tests i've run) it's no chaper on gas to ride with your windows down vs your a/c on because of the added drag put on your car with windows rolled down.....
  12. Thanks guys for all the help...NOT

    The car went to the body shop yesterday. They are going to straighten up, the 3/8 that it is off for $100. I ordered the airbags this morning, $500. I have the door and a friend of mine just gave me a fender. The glass guy is coming next week to replace the windshield, $250. Then all it will need is paint. so hmm.

    $100 frame machine
    $500 Air Bags
    $250 Windshield
    $400 Paint

    $1250 Total

    Still think I shouldn't Fix it? I only paid $600 for the car. And I'm ordering a 305 HP 99 cobra motor for it after the body is done. Yes, I converted my v6 to v8. Sorry guys keep dreaming you have a v8!
  13. A lot of us have a 6 by choice. I don't dream of a V8. I'm sure there are others that don't dream of V8's. In fact, I could run out today and get a V8 if I wanted to, but I don't.

    I was concerned about the fact that you wrecked your car, now I couldn't care less just because of your pompous @$$ remark.
  14. I feel closed in. it's a mental issue i Have.
  15. DID YOU STEAL MY CAR :eek:

    seriously tho those 2 cars looks just like mine :eek:

    cept mine rides alil low and has 2 big 3" inch Chrome tips out the back you just don't see teh silvar stangs around, much less 2 in one pic!!!!!!!!

    your gonna need alot of crap to make a 99 cobra motor work in a 95 sixer....
  16. I bought it wrecked sorry.
  17. I know the silver stangs are rarely seen. expecially the 94-95. The cobra motor is going in the 98. The 95 has a 5.0 in it right now. It's going to be a 331 Stroker soon.
  18. hey when you do the 99 4v swap can you make a thread detailing everything you did that would = teh win :nice:
  19. and you guys can't say that silver isn't teh best color evah looking at those pics...