Wrecked my 98 Stang Need Information

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  1. I sure can. It wont be for another few months, the body needs fixed first. The 3.8 motor only has 37,000 miles on it so hopefully someone will be interested in that to replace a tired 3.8 stang.
  2. from a 95 or 98?
  3. The 98 has the 3.8 motor (37,000) and the 95 has a 5.0 (47,000).
  4. dude something you really need to realize. while some of us have V6's because of a multitude of reasons preventing us from having a V8, there is a large number who do not care for a v8. I am one of them. I could literally drive down to a dealership right now, give them my v6 vert, buy a v8 coupe out right cash. money i got from a lawsuit settlement (already paid off my car). I don't want to. Insurance wouldn't change. I like the way I have mine right now, and I plan on keeping it for a long time.

    The reasons I said what I did came from personal experiences and friends wrecked cars, and I was trying to help you out. You gave nobody any knowledge you had access to free parts.

    You may only be paying $1200 for parts, but expect it to total $2000+ by the time you pay for installation, because air bags are considered a primary safety device...therefore the charge for installation is very high due to liability, just like a seat belt.

    But if you're going to be a *****head, go talk on v6power.net or mustangworld jackass....
  5. i agree with the rest of what u said, lol, but that would be the only thing he would have to have paid for installation wise, he said his brother is doing free labor for him, which is cool i guess...
  6. i could sell my 01 v6 for 11, and buy a 00 gt vert for 13. just dont really have a reason to right now, goin to college and not bringin my car my first year. 100 bucks a month to park on campus, IF you can find a spot. i dont think so
  7. i didnt read that part.....
  8. Where is all this anger coming from. Anyway, My car is done at the shop. It is straight and it has a good door and fender on it. I ordered my air bags tonight for $465 for everything. The autoglass dude is coming next week to put in a windshield for me for $200. Everything will be ready to go accept I will have a red door and black fender for a while until i get it painted.

    Total cost $1465 for a 98 v6 with 37,000 and leather interior. Yes I know I still have a few hundred yet to come in paint but atleast now it's driveable! I get pics for you tomorrow night when I pick it up at the shop.

    I didn't mean to start up any think about v6 and v8 stangs. I own one of each!

    Thanks Guys

  9. Nice :nice:
  10. do you plan to try to match the silver? i have heard it is hard, as it has sparkles or something, my bro had he rear bumper replaced (01 silver Gt conv), and repainted and it looks EXACTLY like the old paint, and we have one hell of an eye for this stuff in ghosty's house!
    if i remember before u said that silver = not ure fav color, possibly a complete repaint?
  11. Silver is my favorite color. I think someone else said that. Yes, it will be very hard to blend the door and fender in since it is silver. I asked a friend of mine last night if he would paint it for me and he said if I got all the stuff he would spray it for free. So, so far everything is falling into place like it should. Installing the air bags isn't any big deal. My cousin owns a body shop and he does them all the time when fixing wrecked cars. I just need to get him over to the house one night to do it.

  12. I have a 98 GT, and I was going to buy a 99+ GT but then the gas prices shot up and I said, "screw it". I drive my '04 v6 because I like the body style better and the gas doesn't kill me. I'm not a horsepower freak, though, so a v8 really makes no sense to me. Besides, in a couple of years I might break down and buy some performance heads and cam and that'll be enough HP to keep me amused. 220-250 HP to the wheels is fine with me. I don't need 300-500 HP to be happy.
  13. I wouldn't change a thing, that looks really good just like that. Besides, it's all the rage now! Have a look for yourself...


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  14. yeah, and btw is that fender from a GT? it looks as though u were lucky enough to get the right side skirt flare thing, if u know what i mean? yeah you could keep it black and look JDM like SOME PEOPLE
  15. The fender is from a GT. The car definatley needs painted! lol I think i'm going to finish fixing it up and sell it (i found another one i might buy :-D). Does anybody have any clue what it should be worth once it's all fixed?