Wrecked my 99 stang... :(

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  1. Tonight I slid out in some water, and the ass end got pretty loose. I ended up hitting my front (right) passenger tire (front right)...against the curb, i can tell that it did some heavily damage since the front right tire now rubs against the finderwell. How much will this cost to fix? Also I noticed that I damaged the front right wheel. Should I just go ahead and upgrade to 18"s like I planned? When driving home...I had to aim the steering wheel - 1/4 the way left then usual (as in it was pulling hard to the right)...how bad did I mess up my car? Thanks for all the help...its been a horrible birthday...and this tops it off....
  2. Dude that sux :bang: Sorry to hear about your ride. but just remamber that it could be a lot worse. Hope you get it right again soon.
  3. Cost depends on what you damaged, you having to turn the wheel 1/4 way to one side is an idication that you are out of alignment something fierce. That may be the cause of you rub. Take it to a shop that does alignments and have them to look at it and get the alignment at once.
  4. Sorry to hear that, but as long as the car is in the shop, and if you can afford it, this is a perfect time for rims and a suspension upgrade. I personally, would only go as big as 17" rims though.
  5. prolly some controll arms are bent and maybe steering rod but thats nothin a few hundred dollars won't fix
  6. eh sorry to hear about that man, but as stangknight said, it coulda been worse. i was turning left on a highway late one night after work, got hit at 65 mph on my drivers side front quarter panel by an old guy trying to run a red light...i never saw him. totaled my stang, i had it for all of about 2 months, bought brand new *tear* thankfully i got out of icu 4 days later and only one more day in the hospital till i came home, but yeah it coulda been lots worse.

    but happy birthday. :D

    oh yeah hit by a 76 yr old guy in a buick (big ugly indestructable car killer)
  7. Just had my dads friend check it out, atleast $2000-$2500 in damage. Control arms seem to be fine, it didnt bend them it bent the K member their attached to as well as the unibody frame its connected too. :( What a good time to **** up, I'm gonna be carless for atleast 3 weeks... this sucks
  8. This would be a good time to upgrade the K member. Good luck