Write up for: spark_min_for_tip-in_retard

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  1. Is there a write up for the scalar "spark_min_for_tip-in_retard" or how it is no longer one the scalars for the cbza/j4j1:shrug:

    Sorry it has been a while for me (have not self tuned for years as the car has been a garage queen for so long). How is timing between shift controlled now:shrug: as my new tweecer software download seems to have eliminated that scalar for me.

  2. That's the issue right there... :D Sorry I can't be of more help, but...

    Have you thought about making the switch over to Binary Editor and EEC Analyzer? It's way better than the "Cal-Crap" duo... I can attest to BE being well supported and easy to use...
  3. I do have EA, but I have not payed for a license for BE.

    Anyone else? I imagine the controlling factor have moved somewhere else in the software (perhaps on a x/y table somewhere:shrug:)? I just have not found in my current searches
  4. I understand your frustration :bang:

    Being a long time Tweecer user using the original V of software :eek:

    After seeing how things changed with the 1st & 2nd upgrades :crazy:

    I made what I believe was a wise decision to stay with the 3rd V :D

    I saw how many peeps couldn't find things (just as you speak of here) :(
    The many complaints about things got more complicated in datalogging :(

    I'd help you if I could :shrug:
    I have a basic grasp of the pcm and what is needed for various mods
    I just don't know anything about the later software :shrug:

    I'd bet you can find your answer with a search at eectuning.org
    or on the site Wes put together :)

  5. Thanks Grady. If all turns up well I will post my findings. This particular scalar is probably one of the first changes a newbie would make for the 94/95 cars. I felt is made a big difference especially when your working with different timing settings (especially with the power adder crowd):D

    I'll post it up for everyone once I get all the details..should help:nice:

    You still have the original version of the software:hail2: Smart move. I should have known better, but in this "always upgrade, latest software is better" attitude I fell into the trap:notnice: