Write-up: How to equip an 87-93 stang with HID's the RIGHT way. LOTS of pics.

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  1. My question is more of this.

    IF your modifying the Fox headlight housing to accept the Projector, i would assume you "glue" the projector to the fox housing correct?

    After this is done, how do you properly adjust the "aim" of the beam? Utilizing the stock fox adjustments i guess???? :shrug:
  2. Wow this is an oldie thread. Aren't there HID lights out now? I know there's halo style lamp conversions for the 4 eye cars on ebay.
  3. You are correct sir they are "glued" to the housing however after the backing plate is modified you adjust them as you would regular mustang lights with the same screws.
  4. You can change the 9004 bulbs with HID conversions however since the lens is not made for the angle of light the HID light bulb produces a good light spread is hard to achieve. You get a better light spread with the "ultra" clear housings since the reflector is used to spread the light. Also with the conversions you lose the "hi" beam since most of those bulbs do not move as the Bim'rs do.
  5. and why hasnt this been stickied yet? there a re alot of good faqs on here that need to be stickied.
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  6. don't the bi xenon lights have high and low beams? I just don't want to spend the 200 or so dollars to put bulb conversions without the lenses from the newer cars as well. How many inches wide should the lenses be to fit with as little cutting to the headlight assembly?

  7. I don't know where they went but a lot of these image links are broken. Did you remove images or kill a thread that they were referenced from?