Write up requests in here...

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  1. Ask for write ups in here.

    This thread will be pruned now and again as requests are filled.
  2. Write up request..

    I'd like to see a cam and head job on gp001's 05. Also include longtubes, x pipe, 430's and drag radials..........maybe some tuning :D
  3. Me too and a blower install :nice:
  4. Are these safety concerns?

    Keep your eye out for a wrecked 05 with engine for sale :D
  5. Yes, all the parts listed are very "unsafe" in stock condition.

  6. I'll let you explain that to Stef this weekend
  7. I would like to see a step by step how to take off the hydro carbon trap
  8. Could the site inlcude an area with the TSBs all shown?

    Do we have an area of the site with the TSBs listed out? That would be awesome.

    I am looking for the strut rod bearing listing right now.

    Mike Elia
    Upland CA
    05 gt lime
    87 Buick Regal Turbo T
  9. I would like to know this as well. Other forums have this, and I love the idea.
  10. I will work on a compilation of them and post a sticky :nice:
  11. since i dont see it, and i know many people have done it, how about a nitrous install. it would help out many people looking in that direction for more power.

    also, how about all the shifters that have been installed.
  12. Not really a How-To, but I would suggest posting something that would explain to people the way tire and wheel sizes work.

    This would not only include what all the numbers mean, but more importantly, when the wheel gets bigger, the side wall gets smaller. (This is that assuming you're going to stay close to the stock tire diameter unless you want to recalibrate your speedo or have it be wrong)

    This would also aleviate the belief that bigger wheels fill in the "gap".

    There are still a LOT of people out there who don't understand this.
  13. Horsepower gains for different mods to different cars. ilke this
    CAI - 8 hp
    whatever brand supercharger - 80 hp
    jet computer chip- 30 hp
    NOS- etc etc

    and about how much each part costs between the part name and the gain
  14. it would be nice to see a write up on CAI for 5th gens- both autos and trans. to cover each brand, what they are made of, do they pull air from fender, etc. how much tehy cost. I know there is a ton of info here on CAI but it would be nice to make just one write up wand just as CAI applies to our generation cars
  15. chip upgrades

    An article on our generation mustang's computer chips, the different options in upgrading them or reporgramming them, how much each costs and how its done and the typical hp gain
  16. Pictures

    It would be good to have pictures of various tired and sizes on our cars too for this
  17. Test Thread

    Have a test thread where people can post stuff like signatures like the one I just made and am testing here to test

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    <img border="0" src="http://forums.rpmplanets.com/sigimages/261.png"></a>

    [image noborder]http://forums.rpmplanets.com/sigimages/261.png[/image][/link]

  18. Adjustable Upper Control Arm

    Looking for info on install along with making proper pinion angle changes.