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  1. praztek,

    Not a write up per se... but you are welcome to post a PM to Cleveland or Thump-rrr and check with them on this. Dan (Cleveland) is a great reference and has been around the block with the S197. Here is a thread that may help you out.


    I can email you the exploded view of the Suspension for reference if you do not already have it.
  2. What about a "beginners guide to mod's" for the 05+ cars? I wrote one up for the 5.0L section but now I could really bennifit from one in this section(as it's now time to order a car)

    It could go something like this:

    First Mods ranked in order of priority
    1) Purchase a Tuner from.... [list both popular brands to key future searches]
    2) CAI kits from popular companies like JLT, etc
    3) Exhaust (axle back or both?)
    4) Suspension changes
    5) Better braking?
    6) Gears
    7) and so on...

    Ending with a listing of popular forced induction setups as the final addition to the powertrain.
  3. i am currently working on the FAQ, but i will try to get this one going as well. :nice:
  4. Don't rush, I just wanted to offer my two cents worth.. I'm thinking sometime this winter though, it would be good to have a "Christmas" list
  5. +1
  6. specs

    like curb weight, tires sizes, options for different packages, etc.
  7. I've got an idea of a different kind of write up. And one I never ever see on US based forums.

    How about a proper road test and comparison of the different cars. For some of us (me) and some US based enthusiasts it just isn't possible to test drive all cars and mods to see what they are like.

    I'd love to see a proper write up of a Pulleyed Terminator compared to a 2.6 Kenne Bell s197. Both should be producing ~460rwhp. But how do they really compare in the real world as daily drivers.

    Is the DOHC really that much nicer to drive, or does the extra weight of the Cobra detract from the fun and handling compared to a s197 GT?

    It should NOT be an opportunity to bash but simply to highlight differences and quality traits.

    Another example is for other potential buyers, such as like myself currently owning a LS1 Fbody. Would a mild bolt on s197 compare well against a light bolt on z/28?

    Not just in terms of ET and trap speed, but sense of occasion, build quality, WOW factor, fun factory, every day drivability, handling, etc.
  8. sort of like what EVO does?
  9. Is that a magazine or an online resource? There is a UK based magazine called Evo but I can't recall them testing much US metal. Certainly not along the lines of what we enthusiasts talk about on these forums. But there again I haven't looked at a copy for ages...

  10. that same UK mag you just mentioned. they had a S197 a few issues ago. they do test a few american cars but not that often.
  11. How to change heads
  12. need a write up on installing dual gt supercar fuel pumps.......
  13. I'd like to see something on installing short tube headers.
  14. Front bumper removal / CDC spolier mounting / Center Fog light grill mounting

    Thanks ! Admin Gods !
  15. I feel like a total pwnd newb asking for this, but I could really use a techincal on removing all of the following:
    turn signals
    3rd brake light
    Rear Medallion
    Grille/ fog lights
  16. Gauges

    I would like to see how to install various types of gauges. Oil pressure, water temp, boost, air/fuel and maybe fuel pressure. Electrical and mechanical. The fittings needed, routing, etc. I ask for my myself also as I would like to see how people ran the wiring through the car and if any problems came up. Thanks!
  17. If any of you guys need a test bed for any of these write up's I think i know just the stang! :D Don't be shy; my door is always open!:nice: