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  1. As I do modifications I will post threads here on SN. I will also keep links to them on my website. Let me know if they are helpful and if I should continue to post them as I do modifications. Also, if you do a modification and want to post a similar write send me a PM with the pics and the write up and I will try to host it and then send you a link to post in the forum.


  2. I think this is a great idea to help those people who have little experience with working on their car or modifying it, such as myself. I have a lot of friends that can help me but I found your write ups to be well done and very informative. Keep up the good work.
  3. These kinds of write ups are extremely helpful. I’ve done a few but they weren’t as well documented as yours. I found a good one on installing springs on a Cobra. Made the job much easier.
  4. That is great! Especially for a complete novice who would need to contract the work....great to know what is involved. One request - can you include details about your wheel/tire setup (size/brand for both)?
  5. Fronts are ROH Drift Rs, 19x9, +35mm offset, 275/35-19 BF Goodrich g-Force KDW 2
    Rears are ROH Drift Rs, 19x10, +45mm offset, 295/35-19 BF Goodrich g-Force KDW 2
  6. Do you have any fitment issues with the 295's???
  7. Couldn't/Shouldn't one of the moderators make a new sub-category just for these Write-ups for quick easy access? :shrug:
  8. That's a nice lookin' Stang :nice:

    The write-ups are very informative as well. Gives me an idea of what I should attempt myself and what I should take in to have installed.
  9. I think the write ups would be a great idea. Good looking Stang gp001!
  10. gp001 - those wheels on your girlie are P.I.M.P.!!! Did you paint them or purchase them??
  11. I think this is a good idea. I'll discuss it with Tyler.
  12. Thanks for all the compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are no issues with the 295s. It was close on the drivers side before I adjusted the panhard rod
  13. Done :nice:
  14. Sweet. Thanks Tyler.

    Great idea Wsmatau
  15. I've spawned a forum :D
  16. gp, could you please include tool and socket sizes used for your particular write-ups?

    For instance, "The panhard bar brace used a size xxmm deep socket, blah blah blah."

    It will help guys like me that don't have full tool sets and will buy just the few tools needed to get the job done.

    Thanks and great write-ups!
  17. I second this, tool and socket sizes used during the write up would be very helpful. Thanks!
  18. I will go back through and add those, and I will incorporate it into future write ups :nice:
  19. You are a real nice guy to do this, BTW your car look great. I don't know if you got my message but I think it is important to mention you can do the spring change without a spring compressor and it is probably the safest way to do it if you are going with lowering springs.

    Instead of pulling the entire assembley out with the top nut on. Go ahead and take the top nut (its the biggest one of the five under the hood in the strut tower region.) off. Before doing this make sure to put a jack under the A arm and jack it up a little, then when the nutt is off, release the pressure slowly. Did it on mine and worked like a charm, no spring compressor needed.